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User Showcase / Re: Promote Your Games!
« on: April 05, 2018, 04:13:46 PM »
Hi Playmaker users,

I'm Xavier Bottet, I'm from La Suite Studio. I started to use Playmaker few years ago, came back and quit Playmaker but now, it is like nearly always in my pipeline. Today I'm thrilled to share with you my 1st VR game made in Unity and using Playmaker for lot of aspects, UI system controls, animations management and also a big use on the level design. Let me share PINATAS ROCKETS!

Thanks again. I hope you'll enjoy the game as much as I started to develop it. It is released in anticipated launch but, feels and play like many other games.

All the best to everyone,

Hi djaydino,

Thanks, it works now. In fact, I believed that I put the fsm states in the wrong object, even if I made link to the object. Everything is working fine now.

Thank you very much.

Hi djaydino

Thanks, I'll try again this way. I feel confident I did this way, but it seemed that the float linked to the blendtree was not found / updated as I was testing the slider.


Hello to you all!

I'm Xavier, a french Playmaker user. Is someone in the forum who can share me a link to a tutorial, give me an hint on how I can control the blend amount in a blendtree with a UGUI Slider. I tried lot of solutions, but strangely, it's like the Slider isn't able to update the value of the blendtree.

All the best to everyone. I'm impatient to read your comments.

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