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Thanks Rabagast,

I'll try to use set position to put the ball at the right spot relative to the player once parented. Would you suggest parenting it to a hand rather than the whole object so it looks like its being held??

Using add force Self - my issue is I want the player to be able to throw the ball in any direction, not only the way he is facing, and up or down (currently my player on rotates in the Y axis), so he is never 'facing' up or down'.

Is there any way to store a vector value and use it for the force direction, rather than just defining up down etc so I can use a joystick/controller?

Added a video showing in more detail my issues.

Thanks djaydino

I now turn on is kinematic when the ball trigger parents it to the player, and off again on throw. The ball now moves better with my player when he jumps up, but if he jumps while running side to side, he doesn't jump as high as though he's running into the ball.

I also made sure I unparent before the add force for the throw.

How do I get the ball to change its location upon pickup so it centers itself in front of my player, rather than the spot at which the trigger collides?

Also how do I add diagonal directions to throw? 'Axis event' only gives me mutually exclusive options. Ideally i'd like the ball to be thrown in exactly the direction of the controller stick, is there a simply way to set force direction according to axis direction?


Thanks for your reply Rabagast.

I followed your advice and set up the parenting, but I'm having a few issues outlined in this screencast:

-Jumping (with add force on player) doesnt seem to move the parented ball with it.
-Throwing the ball in the opossite direction of the player collides it with the player (should i make the player rotate more quickly or instantly?)
-My throwing settup seems overly complex with axis events, I just need to translate the direction of the input to the direction of the throw

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Hi I'm getting up to speed with PlayMaker and wanted some suggestions on how to most simply set up a player being able to move to collect a ball, when collected the ball moves with the player, until another player knocks them, in which case the ball has gravity applied again and the other player (or any that happens to get near enough to the ball next) can pick it up.

Similar to 'Bari Bari Ball'

Would love suggestions on this! Cheers

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