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PlayMaker Help / Re: Playmaker 1.3.2 - Network Sample problems
« on: March 05, 2012, 02:09:07 AM »
Ahhh, well I'm glad to hear there's a bit more back story to it's current state.
However it's not that I was really trying to discover how to set a spawn point, rather I was
trying to deal with the issue I was explaining where every character in the scene moved to
said spawn point when a new player logged in.
And off course additionally the problem where characters that logged out were still considered
in-game by the other clients and the server.

Hopefully I can just start developing the gameplay, practice setting up a server and then maybe things
will function a bit more naturally with photon as I'm wishing to create an MMO, so regarding spawnpoints
I'd like to be able to have character creation/saving of location data and the likes which most likely
won't be something to test until you've been able to get that working.

PlayMaker Help / Re: Playmaker 1.3.2 - Network Sample problems
« on: March 03, 2012, 10:06:29 PM »
It's still occurring, the only difference is they are all now colliding in the air.
Really it's a shame this hasn't been debugged D:
Hard working with a sample as reference when it doesn't work x.x;

It looks like on connect, it's moving every player to the spawn point, rather than just the new one.
Do you have any idea how to filter that? So changing the spawn point position won't make any change.

The guid is the term for it's specific object ID?

Great to hear it's going so well, can't wait to have it in the program :D It'll put it ahead of competition for sure :)! And will open it up to many more genres for everyone that's a designer, not a programmer.

Of course, but at least with something like playmaker, it makes it much easier for those that can grasp mechanics/etc, but are unable to store so many programming rules in memory and everything along with that which is required when setting up networking from scratch, to be able to develop games that use networking and the likes.

Will the progress of adding photon be tracked anywhere or progress updated, or is it just a matter of waiting for it's release?

PlayMaker Help / Playmaker 1.3.2 - Network Sample problems
« on: February 29, 2012, 08:24:14 PM »
I've gone ahead and gotten unity after seeing so much praise for it,
but I'm getting problems just trying my very first sample scene, that I need to be able to understand for my project.

Network Sample #4 - SpawnPlayers
When I start a new client, it seems to almost respawn all the players at the central position before moving the ones that already exist to the same relative position as the other client/server screens display.
The problem is, the new player who doesn't have an actual position in the world yet, get's shot off from the impact of being squashed with the other 2 players.
So you end up with something like this (the red arrow is pointing to the new player)
And then the players slowly get into their proper positions
Also, if you disconnect/reconnect multiple times, when connecting it will think there is still a player
for each time you had connected, and so you will continue to have more players spawned at the center
which are then pushed out.
And after that, only one managed to get back to it's position as it is displayed on the other screens.

That's....really terrible.
Is this just how the demo was built, are we meant to try and workout how to fix it?
I've run other demo's and the characters were seamlessly in their respective positions in every window,
however this is how they look across each screen in comparison to eachother.

Is this a matter of settings somewhere? Is this something that will improve when you integrate photon support? What should I be doing until then when I can't even test 3 players at once? And would learning how this sample works, be learning something incorrect because of it's apparently poor setup?
Would just like to know, what's going on, what's wrong, and is there a fix, what is at fault?

Thanks a ton for the reply, hope it get's to be shown off that soon as it will really open up what this can do and help with, cause photon was what I was looking at to try and get a server running before discovering it was much harder than they made it sound like, as it tends to be, and of course in the end you'd need an expert programmer.
Playmaker with photon support should hopefully really break through to much larger possibilities.
I guess the best thing I can do now is seeing if I can setup a functioning multiplayer, and if I can manage that stick around waiting for the photon support while I get back to working on assets.

Those are some great steps towards supporting the custom actions and making them easy to access and learn about, and it's awesome to see that you are taking it so seriously. Maybe it would benefit you to have a sticky linking to that or something of the sort in the actual share new actions forum, because that may inspire people or give them a warm and happy feeling to know that their work is appreciated and supported more than by the people who may or may not just randomly download their custom actions.
Though that may end up leading people to just pose rushed random custom actions and then hassle you wandering why they didn't get theirs into the wiki, so I guess as it is now works fine, I'm just really happy to have discovered it, thanks for sharing that link and information on all the other ways you are supporting them.

Great to hear that there are some network samples available to start you off.

I guess in the end I'm just going to have to hope for the best and hope that my approach ends up working instead of screwing me over, thanks for the reply's and I'm really hoping to see photon support in a release soon :)!

P.S. Expect many questions in the help forum from me soon :P

It's not a matter of whether or not it'll be worth it even if it requires a programmer to do that last action, it's the fact that money doesn't grow on trees as I wish it would, nor does impressive and trustworthy programmers with time on their hands that understand you and you can rely on, and in this case the first would additionally need to be true for them to have playmaker.

Besides all that though, it sounds like it is covered quite well which is a great thing to hear. And wow if playmaker works on supporting photon networking, that'll make it a beast and a half.
Not that I'm one to go on and on requesting a release date or such, but rather because I don't know whether I should risk continuing developing my project assets, etc, in-case the game ends up being unable to be completed and have wasted precious development time, does anyone have an idea of when that might be supported? Like is that a release in the far far distance, or something they are simply tinkering with, as I'll be needing to start networking as soon as possible so I know that I can accomplish it or not. And I'm just trying to workout if I should leave it for now and wait for photon networking, or just start with the networking as it is now, because I'd really need something up and running in at the very most 10 weeks, though I'd still want to verify as soon as possible whether I can get it functioning or not.
So should I try and get it now and look at the networking as it is, because photon is too far away, or will this end up eating into development time that I don't have and should just hold on until the next release with photon support? If it's going to be a few months I won't be able to wait around.

Also though this forum is trying more than most, there's still no grand amount of support or community working together to share custom actions or just in general. It would be nice if there was a stickied topic linking to all those which were complete. Either way it's still enough missing that I hope I don't ever need to ask, though the offer for support is greatly appreciated!

So I'd love some feedback on my additional questions regarding multiplayer and photon as it's really hard to try and manage my time if I don't know whats going on, any help there will be greatly appreciated, and thanks both of you for responding

General Discussion / How deep is the network ability in 1.3 of playmaker?
« on: February 28, 2012, 06:52:24 AM »
I've been wanting to get into unity and playmaker has seemed to make this a possibility, however I want to be able to develop an MMO project and so far the answers have all resulted in it being an impossible thought, however if the new version of playmaker makes accessing the network as user friendly/non-coder friendly as the gameplay I've seen created in video tutorials with previous versions, it might be possible.
But that still depends on how much network support and how extensively it has been developed in 1.3.
Would this at all be possible, or does 1.3 just have very basic network functions which would still require a programmer to develop actions for or code their own network in the end anyway?

So I'd like to know, just how extensive is the support for the network, is anything I've mentioned possible?
Or will it still be a matter of requiring a programmer?

P.S. telling me it just needs programmed actions or it's something programming that's 'easy to learn', still means it requires a programmer. I don't want to spend money on something that won't get me anywhere in the end, so please respond thoughtfully and with as much detail as possible.
I would greatly appreciate some insight into this.

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