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PlayMaker Help / UI DRAG & Drop Screenspace-Camera
« on: May 24, 2021, 10:12:25 AM »

The sample I found is created for Screenspace-Overlay and when applied to Camera space doesn't work. How should I do it?

PlayMaker Help / Re: UGUI Drag & Drap Sample Question
« on: May 23, 2021, 06:26:22 AM »
Hi Jean,

I couldn't find the uGuiDragInWorldSpace in the Ecosystem, also the sample you shared on twitter is only drag in World space. How about Drag in Screen space -Overlay? as the initial sample was demo only in Screen space overlay and doesn't work in Camera.

Please help.

Thank you

It has been sometime and I am using 1.8.0 beta 43, nothing has changed I still have very slow performance in both Unity and Playmaker Editor. Disable Autoload prefab in scene & real time error checking doesn't help at all.

I also realised, even with the Autoload prefab off my empty scene is still loaded with hundreds of FSM in Playmaker editor so trying to PLAY an empty scene takes more than 10 seconds.

To recreate this, just load a scene with many FSM game object, go to new empty scene. Open Playmaker Editor and you will see all the FSM object still remain in the recent list from previous heavy scene. Is there a way to clear the list so at least I can have run faster on an empty scene?

PlayMaker Bug Reporting / String Join for Array bug[SOLVED]
« on: April 25, 2016, 06:21:09 AM »

Not sure if anyone have this issue, The StringJoin script returns correct values when the array values are pre-defined but when changing the array value at run time the script returns zero value.

1.Create Array variable with string format. Set size to 3
2.On start, add Array Set action to add value on each array
3.Add String Join action
4.Run to see the result.

Hi I don't really get it about adding new scripts into the asset bundles. So if the original build doesn't have the script or we have modified the playmaker action scripts, will it still load fine with the original build?

I am facing issue as my windows build (older version) trying to load the scene asset bundles that has modified script and they don't work. Is there a way not to update the whole build?

Great! I will give it a try. Thanks.

sorry for the late reply, I am not able to upload the scene as is confidential. I did try to reproduce in a new project but the performance is ok but sometime is slow, kind of random and still trying to figure out to reproduce the issue.

I will try uncheck check error realtime. Thanks.

I am using unity 5.3, playmaker 1.8 beta

First thing I tried collapsing the FSM inspector, still very slow. Only improvement when I close the Playmaker Editor itself even with inspector open, then is back to normal speed.

What's slowing down is everything I do in Unity Editor, like creating an empty game object in the scene (right click create object, wait for 2 seconds the object is created in the hierachy). Undo action in Unity editor (takes around 2 second to undo any action with Playmaker Editor open)

I am using a prefab with FSM component and using it as many (Hundreds) instances of this prefab in the scenes. What can I do to improve the speed when editing with Playmaker Editor? Any suggestion?

Is not in the UI, but on I found it playmaker manual, which I think this option is very useful for my case.

My project is only getting started and the editor is already very slow, creating a new game object in scene takes few seconds. After closing Playmaker editor everything is smooth. I tried turning off Auto Load prefab in scene but doesn't really help.

And why the settings of Auto Load All Prefabs in Project is not available in the General Preference?

Let's say I have 300 prefabs that have FSM in the project, even I open a new scene, open the Playmaker Editor, is still loads all prefab with Auto Load Prefabs in Scene Turn off. So even on a empty scene, working with Playmaker editor is extremely slow, once the editor window is closed is back to normal.

PlayMaker Help / Re: Fade in/out certain area of the screen uGUI
« on: January 12, 2016, 01:57:09 AM »
You can do this
- Add Canvas Group
- Use playmaker to animation to Alpha with Ease in Float variable.

Yes, but I couldn't find that option. Please see my screenshot as attached.
Thank you.

I am trying to disable the Auto Load All Prefabs in Project in the prefab preferences but I can't find the settings, only this option is missing in my preferences window. I am using version 1.8

I have many prefabs that is has Playmaker component so loading all of it in the editor is very slow.

Any suggestion please?

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