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Behavior Designer is a behavior tree implementation designed for everyone - programmers, artists, designers. Behavior Designer offers a powerful API allowing you to easily create new tasks. It also offers an intuitive visual editor with PlayMaker integration which makes it possible to create complex AIs without having to write a single line of code!

Behavior Designer was designed from the ground up to be as efficient as possible. As a result, it runs great on all platforms including mobile. It works with both Unity and Unity Pro.

  • Design behavior trees within an intuitive visual editor
  • Includes a powerful API which allows plenty of freedom for programmers
  • PlayMaker integration - no need to write code if you don't want to
  • Debug your behavior trees with a visual runtime debugger and breakpoints
  • Behavior trees are saved directly to the Game Object - no need to mess with asset files or extra compilation steps
  • Edit task parameters within the window
  • Includes all of the tasks that you'd expect with a behavior tree - parallel, interrupt, semaphore guard, etc.
  • Extensive documentation and tutorial videos
  • Sample projects available online

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