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PlayMaker Help / Re: Vectrosity actions not showing after import
« on: May 24, 2015, 02:34:34 PM »

I've got more or less the same problem (compilation's error). But found a solution :-)
It seems that Playmaker's custom actions only work with Vectrosity 3!

So, to make it work :
1. Create a project with Playmaker and Vectrosity
2. Inside the project's window, go to the folder Assets/Vectrosity 3 and unpack "Vectrosity_3_Unity_4_0" or "Vectrosity_3_Unity_4_3".
Be careful : you have to unpack only one!! So you should unpack the last one (as it includes unity's functions from version 4.3)
3. Go to the playmaker's addons/Vectrosity page and download actions package and demos package.

It should work (at least it worked for me!)


Very interesting project!
I would suggest to make it "KISS" (Keep It Simple & Smart)!
I believe, as a future buyers ;-), that it's easier to upgrade a framework (to add new features) than to downgrade (remove unused or unwanted features).
I would first choose a "game model" like Gauntlet or Diablo for example, in order to define the gameplay style.
Then, as suggested by Lane, maybe you should begin with the basics for the first release then adding regularly new features.

For your todo list, I would suggest to do it in this order :
First release of your framework :
- Melee, Ranged, Magic and Support Combat
- Hp / Mana / Energy system --> idem. What is the difference between Mana & energy?? Maybe you just set HP & Mana to keep it simple?
- XP and Leveling
- Character Stats --> keep it simple : strength, endurance, intelligence and agility
- Enemy AI --> With differents paterns : berserker, shooter, etc.
- Aggro Radius --> what is it?
- Enemy and Ally Pathfinding
- Mobile / Gamepad / PC Controls --> excellent! Mobile controls would be cool!! This feature could make your framework a must-have
- Save / Load
- Minimap
- Loot Drops
- Inventory
- Gear Slots
- Gear Stats
- Weapon Stats

Second release
- Friendly AI --> definitly a good feature but not fundamental
- Chests
- NPCs
- Dialogue
- Quests
- Currency
- NPC Shops
- Puzzle Interactions (Pushing Blocks etc.)

Future releases :
- Cross Platform Photon Mutiplayer --> huge work there....keep it for later!
- Local Multiplayer --> idem
- Local Split Screen or Shared Screen --> That would be a top feature!!! But again, I would suggest tp keep it for later
- Randomly Generated Level Layouts

And to conclude, these features do not seem necessary to me :
- Character Creator (We can do it ourselves)
- Crafting (but I must admit that I don't like crafting...)

Good luck! ;-)

General Discussion / Re: TargetPro playmaker integration, alpha version
« on: October 12, 2014, 09:35:24 AM »
I've never used trello so I don't know how it works...
I've created an account (same name as in this forum) and subscribed to the TriggerEventPro's action...
So... Ready to help!

General Discussion / Re: TargetPro playmaker integration, alpha version
« on: October 01, 2014, 01:35:23 PM »
TargetPro 6.0 is about to be released in a few weeks (and will be renamed "TriggerEventPro" by the way).
Authors describe this new version as a "major improvment" which will "break" a project using TargetPro 5.x

Would it be possible to upgrade Playmaker actions for this asset once the new version will be avaible?

Being one of the beta-testers, I don't think the update would require a lot of work. For example, the playmaker demo turret can be done without any FSM, except for the "ennemy" behaviour. The turret's behaviour could be handled with TriggerEvents scripts.
But i could be an opportunity to add actions! For example, with TriggerEvents 6.0 it's possible to "rewrite" the list of targets of a turret in order to force the turret to attack a specific target. This way it would be easy to implement a "attack this target" option (even if this target is not the nearest, the strongest, etc.)

And (to finish), I would be happy to help upgrading playmaker integration for TriggerEventsPro 6.0 :-)

PlayMaker Announcements / Re: Localizing Playmaker - we need your help!
« on: September 30, 2014, 03:38:07 AM »
Jeanfabre : if I could help, off course!
(sorry for the loooong delay of answer, have been away for a while...)

Hi JeanFabre,
translating into french is not easy for this type of software...
As far as I now, Unity is not translated into french (but I must admit I never checked...) So I think there are some terms that should remain in english in ordrer to ensure global coherence...

I would suggest :
-- GameObject --> GameObject. I would not translate this term... If I had to, I would use "Brique Objet" (as a reference for object-oriented design)
-- FSM --> In french I think we say "MEF" for "Machine à états finis" (a literal translation from english, when a more accurate translation would be "Machine avec un nombre d'états fini"...)
-- Gizmo --> Gizmo! I don't think there is a french word for this... Maybe "vignette" (but I think the literal translation would be "Gadget"...)??
-- Float --> (nombre) Décimal
-- Int --> (nombre) Entier
-- Vector3 Vector2 --> Vecteur3 Vecteur2 or Vecteur3D Vecteur2D... Not very important I think : the term is explicit...
-- Child --> Child. I would not translate... ("Enfant" or "Fils/Fille" would look strange to me)

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