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PlayMaker Help / Re: PUN2 Room List Update get values?
« on: October 03, 2020, 02:40:55 AM »
Bumping to see the status of this. I could really use it.

Thanks Jean.

EDIt: To be more clear I am just trying to get a array list of the available rooms? Is that possible? Thanks

PlayMaker Help / Re: Will PM support PUN v2?
« on: September 22, 2020, 05:53:06 PM »
Any news on this Jean? The GIT is empty 404. I am working on adding Multiplayer to The Coin Game.

I have used PUN 1 before and it worked fine... Should I just stay with PUN 1 instead of chasing PUN 2? Is there anything in PUN 2 that is a must have? I have seen many wonderful games made with PUN1 and dont see the draw of PUN2. Any advice would be great.

Thank you.

PlayMaker Help / Upgraded 5.6.3 to 2018.2 and iTween is not working?
« on: January 03, 2020, 04:10:52 PM »
Upgraded project to 2018.2 from 5.6.3 and Playmaker to 1.9.0 and all of my ItweenMoveTo actions seem broken. Some dont work...others wont finish properly. Others will move half way. Others will stutter. Its INSANE!

Regular primitive game objects with rigidbodies on them. No interpolate.

It will work sometimes and not others. I have used this action/script thousands of times in my game. Am I screwed? Is my vacation cancelled?

I saw that there is a new version of Itween so I downloaded and installed it. I see that it is another folder in Assets/Plugins and didnt replace the old version. I have them both installed. I dont think the Playmaker actions are referencing the new version and are still on the old one.

Is there new Playmaker actions for the new version?

Thank you.


PlayMaker Bug Reporting / Re: Playmaker editor Too Light Colored
« on: January 01, 2020, 11:46:36 PM »
Anybody? I cant work with this glowing at me. :/



PlayMaker Bug Reporting / Re: Playmaker editor Too Light Colored
« on: December 30, 2019, 11:59:57 AM »
Also if I open Unity 5.6.3 in the Background when using 2018.2 the editor in 2018.2 will be fixed and is normal dark color.

I dont want to have 2 unity projects open at once. But if that helps you diagnose it though I thought I would note it. ;)


PlayMaker Bug Reporting / Playmaker editor Too Light Colored
« on: December 30, 2019, 11:56:45 AM »
Upgraded a large 65 gig production project to Unity 2018.2 from 5.6.3 (Obviously made 10 backups first) but the editor is very light colored in the "Dark" Setting. I seen Jean Fabre put out a patch on 1.9.0 P19 and was supposed to fix this. I am using Linear color space and if I switch it to Gamma its fixed. I need Linear Color Space though.

Is there a fix for this?

I have already cleared the Asset Store Cache and redownloaded Playmaker 1.9.0P19 and its is still WAY TOO light.

Thanks a bunch!

It ended up being the mouth LCD canvases that I was using to simulate a robots talking mouth. I basically had 15 Sliders that were moving up and down all the time on a 3D world space menu. There was 12 bots in the scene and was adding up to a 6 ms spike to the Canvas renderers. So i ended up replacing their mouths with a animated texture and it doubled the frame rate of the game.

TL:DR Dont use to many dynamic moving world space canvases.

Thanks for your help and advice. It means a lot.


Here is the event list in the FSM

There is no local actions or events that are remaining that use OnTriggerStay. I was just talking about the Global Events menu. You can not delete the Unity default Actions as they are greyed out. ;) There is nothing that remains of any actions or even trigger checks of any kind. I am using Collider.bounds now as it works better on instantiated objects.

I have deleted any components on the prefabs that are not original and also clicked "Update All FSMs in build" and it seemed to clean out the extra Components on the prefabs in the project view. I will be uploading a build to Steam later today and trying it.

Thanks for your help. Ill report back.

Here is the game I am working on. It was made COMPLETELY with playmaker. My third game on Steam and the first one where I wrote everything with playmaker. (Only other plugins I used were Rewired and Easy Save 2)

Just looked in the Event Window as well (Never used that before hahaha) and ONTRIGGERSTAY shows 0.

Im using FINISHED 3588 times though. lol Never knew that.

I cannot update Unity as things are going great so far... but Maybe I am not no the newest playmaker?


Thanks for responding Alex.

Unity 5.6.3
Playmaker 1.8.4 f5

The PlaymakerTriggerStay components were on the Prefabs when not in play mode. I think they just somehow got there from testing the TriggerStay.

So I clicked on the prefabs in the project view and then deleted the PlaymakerTiggerStay components and left the TriggerEnter and TriggerExit components. I had to do this because I changed the actions in the FSM back to TriggerExit/Enter and dont use TriggerStay at all.  No TriggerStay in the Whole project.

I am not using the default EVENTS like TRIGGERSTAY or COLLISIONENTER. I make unique action names and then use the TriggerEvent action as the Unity Events dont seem to work in builds all the time and using a unique names and the TriggerEvent action cured this.

But now I cant get rid of the overhead of the old TriggerStay Components.

I went to Playmaker/Tools and there is no such thing in the drop down.

- Update all loaded FSMs
- Load all Playmaker Prefabs
- Update all FSMs in build

I also checked the FSM's Event menu and there is nothing but the events that I created. No TRIGGERSTAY or any other default Unity events besides the normal FINISHED event.


Here is the profiler with the game objects in scene showing normal high usage expected in a on triggerstay situation.... The only problem is I dont use ANY ontriggerstay events in my game anywhere. I only tried them once on a few objects and now they are on every game object that uses ANY OntriggerEnter/Exit action.

The second photo is the inspector which shows the auto proxy scripts that must be added by playmaker because of a Tag or something? I dont know.

I must figure out how to reset this info or I have to go back and build 30+ very detailed FSM.

PlayMaker Help / Re: Addforce in the direction of player?
« on: March 01, 2019, 08:16:35 PM »
I would get the contact between you and the enemy and store the gameobject you hit and then add a empty game object to that enemy gameobject. The spawned empty game object will look at you "the player" in the first state with a look at action to "line it up" and then add a small force in that objects z+ local space direction (as you are already pointed in the right direction) and whamo. them bots are hitting back.


I just switched to this action and did away with the Trigger Stay checks....
It checks and sends an event if you are inside of a collider. So I dont even need the Ontriggerstay anymore and thats why I noticed it taking HALF of my frame rate today.

It works perfectly for finding out if you are in a collider at instantiation without having to turn the collider on and of one time.

How do I get these old ghost off my back? I need my frames back! lol

TL:DR Why are the Ontriggerstay events still being watched and listened for even after changing to Enter/Exit? The profiler still has them there after changing to a different mode.

I stupidly designed a inventory system with on trigger stay and then realised when the game will have hundreds of prefabs spawned in it could get very slow when checking for on triggerstay all the time and the profiler proved that with a 5 ms slow down.

SO I designed it a slightly better way and switched all the FSM trigger actions to on trigger enter/exit just like I read Jean Fabre say in here somewhere. (something like always use trigger Enter/Exit over the trigger Stay for performance). I do not use the SYSTEM events like ONTRIGGERSTAY or any of the Unity system events. I only use the Actions from the action menu.

Well after switching back to Ontrigger Enter/Exit performance didnt get much better at all.... I still saw the lag in the profiler under Playmaker.Update OnTriggerStay and it was the same time about at about 5 ms.

So when I changed the onTriggerStay to onTriggerEnter/Exit in the Action dropdown..... Why does the PlaymakerTriggerStay.cs script still show up on the the action at runtime? is there a reference stored or something? Because after trying each of the trigger modes for one or two tries in the editor (Enter, Exit, and Stay) now all those scripts are stacking up in the component list at playtime.... causing a whole bunch of lag.

I went through my HUGE 40 gig project and made sure there are no OnTriggerStays in the project at all.... I dont get it. They still show up in the profiler and the CPU usage is way way too high now. It says there is over 1100 of them and they are 50% of the load of the entire game?

And then when I click on the script (PlaymakerTriggerStay) that is automatically put on the prefab at runtime even though I am not using it. (im assuming to proxy the events to unity) it just goes to the Playmaker.dll and I cant do anything anyways.

When building the prefabs I just copied the "many times tweaked" FSM with a right click on the component in the inspector and then copy it to the other 30 prefabs in the project folder by highlighting them and them right clicking on the inspector and paste as new. I have 35 prefabs objects that I build at once and each has four FSM's on them. Been doing this for 8 years now and never had a problem.

Should I try rebuilding the FSM from scratch and then hope it doesnt load the On trigger stay .dll scripts on them?

I even tried deleting the PlaymakerTriggerStay scripts from the game objects at runtime but that just make it worse and dropped the framerate even more. So there must be some meta data or reference to them....

Sorry for the long post but I am just frustrated and confused. My Early Access game that I have been working on for four years is doing great and this is killing the forward progress on it during the most important time.

Anybody seen this before? I could really use a little guidance. Im lost.

Thanks very much.


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