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PlayMaker Help / Problem with tiled Box Colliders
« on: November 20, 2014, 12:32:59 PM »
I'm trying to create a 2D tile-based level where each 20x20 block has a box collider of its own. The problem I'm facing is that if my player character has a box collider also, she sometimes gets stuck in between two blocks and won't be able to move.

I tried switching to circle colliders on my player character but then I end up with a slight jitter with my camera following me, it's like the circle collider considers the blocks as "bumpy". What's worse is that since I made the player character register if there isn't any ground below her so she could switch to a Falling state, she ends up switching back and forth between Grounded and Falling.

Is my setup wrong or is it just not ideal to have tile-based 2D stages with Physics 2D or Unity? It works fine if I have just one long rectangle box collider on the ground but once I walk over the seam between two colliders, the player character gets stuck.

I marked the problem areas with red arrows in my attached image. I'd really like to make this setup work so I can maybe implement a tile-based level creator later on, otherwise I'll just have to rely on building the stage and use a single Edge Collider for the whole area.

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