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Pre-release Discussion / Re: "Collections" Actions
« on: March 09, 2017, 10:08:51 AM »
I regularly append public lists or arrays in mono classes to GO.  From what you are saying the Action References link to Collections actions is a red herring?

Pre-release Discussion / Re: "Collections" Actions
« on: March 09, 2017, 12:11:31 AM »
Damn.  Doesn't sound likely then... ;)

Here is the link:-  in Action Reference section of Manual:-

Ive always wanted a neat way for Playmaker to work well with or effectively interrogate public Lists in GOs.  I am not sure the Get/Set Property actions get me there...

Pre-release Discussion / "Collections" Actions[SOLVED]
« on: March 07, 2017, 08:25:52 AM »
Hi All,

Not sure if this is the right forum board to ask this.... but I see that 'Collections' actions are in planning.

What sorts of actions (and variables) would Collections actions cover?  Where can I find out about them and what they are planned to do/accomplish?

When / what version are they slated to be introduced in?

Excellent.   Thanks Lane.  Hopefully this will work with Prefabs too.  God how I wish Playmaker had full support for Lists too, at least on Ecosystem. ..




Let's suppose I have used SimpleSQL to create an Item database for an RPG.

I have a couple of string columns in my SQLite database which contain either the paths to (a) Resources, (b) Prefabs, (c) Assets. These string columns are also then reflected in an ORM public class containing string variables.

My question is, with (a), then (b), then (c), how do I go about bringing in or instantiating the actual Resource (Texture2D, Audioclip, Model etc), Prefab and then other Asset using Playmaker actions?

Any help gratefully received.  Better yet, some sample c# script... 8)

Thanks DJaydino - I'll look that up!

Hi All,

Fairly new to these Forums.

Wondering about how to go about instantiating Prefabs / Assets using Playmaker (and perhaps EasySave2 which I have)?

Joel from the Easy Save forums said the following:-

Hi there,

You may be best off asking this question on the PlayMaker forums as you will need to use ArrayMaker to do this, which we can't provide support for, but has it's own actions to work with Easy Save. Generally I don't think PlayMaker is very well suited to this, but they'll be able to give you more information.

I imagine the workflow for doing this in PlayMaker would go a bit like this if we wanted to save the position of prefabs and instantiate them:

    Put all of your prefabs into a List (we'll call this prefabList) with ArrayMaker.
    Give each prefab a unique name.
    When you instantiate a prefab:
        Set the instance's name to the same name as the prefab.
        Add the instance to another List (we'll call this instanceList).
    Then when you come to save, do the following:
        Iterate over the instanceList and add add the names of each prefab to a List (namesList), and then each separate piece of data you want to save to it's own individual List (i.e. put the position of each instantiated prefab into positionList)
        Save the namesList and the positionList using the ArrayMaker Easy Save actions.
    Then when you want to load, do the following:
        Clear the createdPrefabs list.
        Load the namesList and positionList.
        Iterate over the namesList and for each name in the list, find the prefab in the prefabList with the same name.
        Use Playmaker's Create Object action to instantiate this prefab and add it to the createdPrefabs list.
        Get the position from your positionList which is at the same index as the current name in your namesList, and apply this position to the object you just created.

Again, hopefully they can find a more eloquent solution for you on the PlayMaker forums as the complex part is less about the actual saving and more about handling a list of prefabs!

All the best,

Can anyone direct me to some tutorials or provide me with some more insights?

Thanks in advance!

@ jeanfabre,

I think I understand.  Useful to know about your test and trial of parsing a large text document.

I was thinking of use of Lists to support item and stat lists and inventories etc in an RPG, but I do think now I see your point.

@ jeanfabre,

Thanks for the rapid response!

Noted re hashtables?

Any chance in later development for Lists and/or Dictionaries?

support Lists and Dictionaries?

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