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Hello all,

Thank you in advance for your time to read this.

I was wondering if/how to make a infinite looping level like old school Defender. Player 'ship' can move left or right freely and will eventually reach the same point. Enemies / powerups / landscape can be eventually lapped if the player goes far enough in one direction. It is for a side scrolling shooter type.

I have a working prototype (landscape only - not enemies yet) from various tutes etc on Unity 5 Vanilla C# (example of one that helped After watching some YT vids on Playmaker it looked like it would be awesome for speed and ease of creation. I have yet to purchase PM and would like to know how much easier it would be before committing.

I am a Unity beginner. I tried searching the forums (looping terrain, looping level etc) but to no avail - unless I missed it.


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