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Thank you for replying Jean.

I feared as much. I haven't tried raycasting every frame. I thought that the dontgothroughthings script did something similar. I may have to investigate more.

Thanks again.

VR Help / Objects going through each other at high speed (bat vs ball)
« on: October 03, 2018, 07:13:53 AM »
Hi all,

This seems to be a common issue and I have Googled many pages and while some have improved my situation (dontgothroughthings script) it is still an issue on my Rift.

Balloons drop and I swing the paddle - if at a moderate speed most balloons behave as expected and get tapped away. If I flick the controller to swing quickly the balloon goes through the paddle to varying degrees dependant on swing speed.

I have a paddle attached to my controller - I have tried fixed hinge, VRTK auto grab, direct parenting and get/set POS/ROT. Paddle has box collider and rigidbody as per image Paddle.jpg.

Balloon has capsule (tried sphere and same result) collider and rigidbody as per image Balloon.jpg.

Also tried with a basic Unity primitive box for the paddle and sphere of the ball - same result = pass through at high swing speed.

My Timestep is set to .01111.

I have tried very large (>2x mesh size) colliders and various combinations of gravity, kinematic etc.

I have also tested this with the VRTK legacy example of 0026 autograb sword scene and the Unity box primitive still goes through Unity sphere primitive.

What is the best way to detect hits of 2 rapidly moving objects and make them react like a bat vs ball would. I would think this is a common thing some developers would have run into in the past.

I have very limited coding knowledge and have relied on Playmaker for almost all my previous games construction. So I guess a solution using PM would be awesome, unless someone can point me to a script or plug in which will do the job.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Thanks for the reply! :)

Hello all,

Thank you in advance for your time to read this.

I was wondering if/how to make a infinite looping level like old school Defender. Player 'ship' can move left or right freely and will eventually reach the same point. Enemies / powerups / landscape can be eventually lapped if the player goes far enough in one direction. It is for a side scrolling shooter type.

I have a working prototype (landscape only - not enemies yet) from various tutes etc on Unity 5 Vanilla C# (example of one that helped After watching some YT vids on Playmaker it looked like it would be awesome for speed and ease of creation. I have yet to purchase PM and would like to know how much easier it would be before committing.

I am a Unity beginner. I tried searching the forums (looping terrain, looping level etc) but to no avail - unless I missed it.


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