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Hey Watcher,

did you try the "lookat" Action? All you have to do is add an FSM, add the Action to your State, make a Vector 3 Variable and set it as Target Position.

PlayMaker Help / Re: Drag and drop again :)
« on: November 14, 2015, 10:25:33 AM »
So Hello Everyone,

here is my Topic. I want to build some kind of "contruction-kit" wich runs on pc and touch devices.

I undertand scripting and Playmaker but as always.... still very new to it.  :P

There schould be graphical representaions like an "Icon" of the Parts on the screen. As soon as you click/touch the Icon, the prefab will spawn (Create Object) the Prefab and lock on the mouse / finger as long as youre dragging it around. The User should drag it to the assumed correct place and if it is the correct, the GameObject will attach to the desired Position (like a 3D Puzzle). So you should be able to build e.g. a Castle.
The whole Scene should be viewble from a 180° view and be turnable.

So I started with the Ground giving it a collider with a "Mouse Drag" Script. The spawnable Prefab GameObject like the towers had a "Drag on Mouse Down" Script attached to it. As soon as the desired Position is reached (Trigger Event) a move Towards Action is launched and on Mouse Button Up the Prfab snaps to the Collider. If no Collision is detected, the Prefab shall return to its Icon and  we're at the start again.

So my Problems are:

1. How to check the Collisions if the Scene is turned? If i got the GameObject attached to my Mouse and it intersects optically but they do not touch...

Case: the GamObject and the Collider are on one raycast line from the POV but the Colliders do not intersect.)

2. Whats the best way, to make a correct Order for the Gameobjects to be placed at the specific Locations. E.g.: You shouldnt be able to place a tower in the Air and it stays there, while the basement is not even in Place. Should I store the Objects with an Array?

3. How to make a Reset Button best? Add tags and hide/Spawn the Gameobjects all?

Answers would be appreciated. :) Thanks for readin through


PlayMaker Help / Drag and drop again :)
« on: November 13, 2015, 08:37:06 AM »
Hey everyone!

I ran into a problem right now. Just a quick description:

I Want to build some kind of Rotating Table (rotatable by swipe gesture) in 3D Space with two or three prefab-images on the left side of the screen in 2D Space.
(Maybe a GO, an image attached to the Camera or Gui Element).

On mouse press down / on touch on one of these Image, the specific prefab should be spawned at the cursor on the left.
Now the User should be able to drag the spawned prefab by Hand on a specific Position. A non visible Trigger Collider would send a "move_to" Action on the mouse-release. When the Prefab hits the Collider it shall be detroyed and the former invisible Geometry shall turn to visible (turn active).

Now the user should be able to build up some Towers standing beside each other.

There should also be the posibility of unhiding the lower part all on just a button-press and the reset the whole scene and hide all again.

I will add an image to make it more clear.

How would you do it?


P.S. I will come up with more info about my problems and my state machine. But I must leave right now :D.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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