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Official Action Updates / Re: Screen Resolution actions
« on: October 13, 2019, 08:17:12 PM »
Oops. In my previous post I've attached wrong file, so I've deleted it. Here's correct file

I'm not much of the a coder, but by reading on this issue and experimenting, I was able to fix this action. Fixed version is in attachment.

Official Action Updates / Re: Screen Resolution actions
« on: October 07, 2019, 05:46:00 PM »
I'm having issue with ArrayListGetResolutions in Unity 2018.4.5. It worked fine in Unity 5.6. It works fine in editor. But in a build I get duplicate resolutions. Here's demonstration of the issue (enable sound to get full picture).

Maybe this topic can help fix this action?

Here's what happens there

PlayMaker Help / Re: Editor performance on gameobject with lots of fsms
« on: September 19, 2019, 08:00:34 PM »
it depends on you current cpu if its really old, but i don't think it will speed up much.
I've just build new PC with Intel Core i9-9900K (previously I was using intel i7 3770k). As soon as I hooked up SSD with my project I've immidiatly intalled Unity to test inspector performance. And I'm happy to report that new hardware sagnificatly improved editor perfomance. Profiler shows 43% improvement. When I actively scrolled over game object with lots of FSM components I previously got 133 ms and now I get 93 ms. I can also add, that when I needed to edit any fsm on that object I had to deselect selected gameobject, because performance was just too poor even for a small edit. And now it's much more smooth, so seems that I can stop doing that :)

PlayMaker Announcements / Re: Keyboard Shortcuts
« on: July 23, 2019, 07:23:18 AM »
Can we get a shortcut for lock button?

I don't want to thread jack, but can anyone give me a quick run down on why I might want to use PP v2 rather than v1? It's still relevant to this thread because if I want to use v2 then I'll likely want to get this asset too.
PP v2 has SMAA which is my favorite Anti-Aliasing type.

Share New Actions / Re: Post Processing V2 Full Integration
« on: July 23, 2019, 03:17:33 AM »
@waveform, Thanks! In your screenshot with actions list, I don't see any action related to anti-aliasing. Are there plans to add those actions?

@djaydino, will a more powerful CPU improve performance for this use case?

I actually would be fine with collapsed Playmaker scripts. The problem is that I prefer to used Playmaker with Locked view. That means I need edit button of Playmaker script to be visible, to start editing script on selected gameobject and as soon as I select one fsm on gameobject, playmaker provides great tool for fast switching between fsms on gameobject that hosts fsm that I'm currently editing. So the issue is only in initial first step, when I can't start editing fsm unless I "uncollapse it" or uncheck Lock button and relesect game object and check lock again, which is not very convenient.

update: Although I've just found a problem with templates, where quick switch tool is useless when you have templates on your fsms on game object like here.

I think you misunderstand what i mean.

it's not about what you see in the inspector.
its about what it does when not collapsed to the scene.

When you look to the collider example :
When expanded, it draws the collider in the scene when selected and it is called continuously .

Now for the playmaker component when expanded it will do the same,
But playmaker holds a lot more data.

Each state/state position/state color/action/transition/colors and so on are stored on the component.
Even the basic fsm with no actions yet inside has already a bunch of data to make things work.

And this is called every time for each playmaker component.

Playmaker actually does not need to be refreshed every time in the scene, but that is a unity limitation and can not be disabled.

as well a for expanding a single component of the same type, wich would already improve the performance for PlayMaker
I did understand it the first time and as far as I know, you might be 100% correct. But considering your explanation I find it weird that profiler shows resource consumption as DRAW inspector. That's why I would love to test your assumption by hiding most fields and buttons from inspector to see if there will be any noticeable performance difference. But if I understand it correctly, code that is responsible for Playmaker script interface in inspector is hidden in *.dll so I can't perform that test.

I can assure you that they are trying to find a solution.

This issue has been there for a long time, but it did get worst with the latest unity version.

Main issue is unity's design to get things working in the inspector.
Each open component is updated continuously .

For example when you expand a collider in the inspector it will be seen in the scene view and updated.
When you collapse it the collider is not shown in the scene view.

Playmaker holds a lot of data in the backend (not visible) to show every state/action/transitions/colors/names/positioning everything/etc which gets updated all the time when not collapsed.

That is the main Reason fsm with lots of states also tend to slow down.

also, if you have a fsm with many states it will show a note

I actually use many fsms as well on a single object (like player or enemies)

when i need to edit or test some variables from within the inspector and have many fsms, i tend to collapse all.
Then play and expand the one that i want to test values from.

if unity's inspector would be able to expand/collapse component of the same types individually , it could solve already a lot of lag.
Here it is clearly visible that drawinspector is what takes away performance
So I assumed that drawing all those buttons and other fields related to Playmaker script in inspector is what takes away performance. So if drawing that script was not backed into *.dll I would just open that script and used a lot of [HideInInspector] to hide fields that I usually don't need, to improve performance. But from my understanding I can't do/test this, cause it's backed into *.dll correct?

For me it is cleary inspector stuff. You can see it in profiler and as soon as I deselect gameobject with those fsms, my editor performance returns to the way it should be. And it's the work around that I currently use to be able to work with those fsms. I even have a script with a bind to mouse button to quickly deselect gameobject. But this workflow creates a extra clicks and inconveniences, that's why I would prefer to find a fix for this issue. But I'm repeating myself.

It's a shame that it's so hard to get support for Playmaker. Aside from this topic I've send PMs and e-mails regarding this issue, but got no response. And as soon as this topic finally got a response, everything immediately stopped and now we're back on the halt. I've created this topic 3 months ago, but there was absolutely not progress toward solution for the issue. :(

If the link is a url, it should show up.

what kind of link are you sending?

Better you guys continue here, so we all can see whats going on.
I need to send him links to my project. So at least that part should be private. Actually I did send him links, multiple times, but he replayed that he doesn't see those links in the private message, that's why I want to switch to e-mail. Cause PM system in this forum seems bugged.

Since you've stopped responding to PM messages. I got worried. Please confirm that you received my last message regarding links to the project. Also, if you send me e-mail address for communication. It will be great, cause forum PMs seems unreliable. 

Okay. I figured it out. For anyone who has same issue. For some reason there's two parameters called orthographicSize. You need to select the one that is in the bottom of the list.

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