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PlayMaker Help / Re: Gradients in playmaker?
« on: August 12, 2016, 07:28:56 PM »
So its a maybe? heh

Well I can make it look like it works with the GradientWrapper scripts that are going around -
Can't make the editor update the actions gradient variable correctly so still non functioning :)

PlayMaker Help / Gradients in playmaker?
« on: August 12, 2016, 06:46:20 AM »
Hey there! has anyone managed to get the unity Gradient editor to show up in playmaker?

I've been trying to shoe horn what I found in this thread - into a custom action editor but the fight does not go well.

Gradients have show up in standard MonoBehaviours for a while now so I thought i'd ask because (if it wasn't obvious) using a gradient for a color lerp in a playmaker action would probably solve world hunger...or at least be super effective for color animation.

PlayMaker Bug Reporting / Re: Playmaker 1.8 : broken actions
« on: March 10, 2016, 09:17:46 AM »
I'm getting this too, mentioned here:

Its been a while since Alex said he would look at these problems, but no dice yet :)

So, back to actions spitting out error messages they have no right to - I have found that some templates  I was using were throwing the same error messages when I dug down into my projects heirachy & was just enabling & disabling them in the editor - and they were phantom error messages too - no problems with the template, however when I removed the template in question & stuck it back on 'some' of the error spam went away.

I think its almost certainly a bug either in the upgrade process to 1.8 or the new error checking behaviours that actions are throwing error messages that seem to be eminating from other fsm's and its really difficult to track down the actual culprit (if there is one) in these cases.

Also really not liking whats happened to the Actionhelper's - (could use better documentation on these please) I seem to be getting better results swapping out all my actionhelper calls with my own getcomponent functions.

Would really like to try out those fancy arrays & enums (they look great) but I'm stuck with this stuff atm.

PlayMaker Help / Re: updgrading to 1.8(43) 'Missing Variable' spammage
« on: February 19, 2016, 12:08:02 PM »
Thanks for the reply Alex seems I might not be boned yet :)

However its not just a few actions we are talking about, the scripting interface seems to want me to cache fsms differently now - for example

Code: [Select]
tempFSM = ActionHelpers.GetGameObjectFsm(child.gameObject,"healthControl");
if(tempFSM != null){
               //do something...

1.8 is now throwing me warnings & errors (if there is no 'healthControl' FSM present on that object).

Also I've noticed that on large fsms where I re-use variables it starts throwing missing variables errors from actions that are not in use.

Its looking like a pretty enormous amount of refactoring so I'm thinking I should roll back until you can take a look at this?

PlayMaker Help / updgrading to 1.8(43) 'Missing Variable' spammage
« on: February 19, 2016, 10:44:23 AM »
Unity version: 5.3.1p1
Previous Playmaker Version:
OS: Win7

Having issues upgrading my (pretty large) project to the recommended version of playmaker but I thought I'd ask here before going full on bug report.


I have noticed that 1.8's attitude towards getting/setting fsm variables that are not present very is different to, unfortuately thats really bad news for me see pic:

The previous behaviour was to do nothing - at worst i'd get the odd yellow 'hey no variable' warning so I've been taking advantage of this & treating it like udp and not rellying on variables being present to be set which was very useful until 1.8.

I've also got similar problems with accessing fsm variables from script using ActionHelpers.GetGameObjectFsm & FsmVariables.GetFsmFloat throwing warnings and errors it didn't before.

What makes me really suspicious is the weird ones - like createObject throwing a missing float error message - createObject does not use any floats!

I can repro this behaviour disparity by getting or setting non existent variables in version with no issues & then getting show stoppers in 1.8 doing the same thing.

So thats the bad news - weird thing underneath the error message spam my game is still working just fine, I just have to unpause the game & things carry on as normal until it throws me another.

Seems to me like there is an over aggresive error checker screwing up the works any advise would be welcome on narrowing this down as right now 'everything' is kinda broken by 1.8 :(

Oh btw: disabling realtime error checking, like the goggles, does nothing :)

PlayMaker Help / Re: prefabs not updating small changes to fsms
« on: June 14, 2014, 02:03:40 PM »
The action parameter changed from a direct GameObject reference to a variable name? Or a variable of None?

It was a direct GameObject ref that changed to an fsmVariable (gameObject) that was being used in the same state on a different action (and other states throughout the fsm). At one point I had the (disconnected after applying) scene hierarchy in the way it was made while its prefab had this altered variable on a particular action (get fsmGameObject).

Unfortunatly my best guess on the workflow that sets this off is too vague to be useful, feels like its something to with working on multiple scenes with scene hierarchy's all associated (but disconected) to the same prefab.

I will try & provide you with harder evidence if/when this weirdness occurs in the future as by using the following method normal service seems to be restored.

@FritsLyn you may want to look into this...
According to the method written by ferraribeng at the bottom of this page: the disconnected scene hierarchy becomes disassociated with any prefab. I then dragged an empty gameobject onto the troublesome prefab (in the hopes of 'blanking' it as i want to avoid deleting it), deleted the (now blue) emptyObject in the scene then dragged my unassociated  scene hierarchy back onto the prefab.

Now this seems to be working for me (for now) but, your mileage (and mine) may vary.

PlayMaker Help / Re: prefabs not updating small changes to fsms
« on: June 14, 2014, 07:27:39 AM »
hello alex

You could be running into the Unity limitation where prefabs cannot store references to scene objects.

No, this is not what is happening i know you cant ref scene objects from a prefab. What happened is that a reference to a game object INSIDE the prefab was swapped out for an fsmGameObject variable from the same fsm.

I will try & make a screen cast when this happens again but a repro is asking the impossible.

Let me repeat myself so you are left in no doubt. This is only happening with fsms - I have no problems with my scripts & other components.

I know i'm not the only person to get this issue, there are more threads on this & the version of playmaker seems irrelevent. I would aprreciate any information you can provide on how fsms are stored & what is going on when they are stored in prefabs. There is no playmaker fsm file format for me to pick through for errors so you are my only chance at finding what the problem is, so please, could you ellaborate or just guess on some of the likely possible causes for this trouble?

PlayMaker Help / Re: prefabs not updating small changes to fsms
« on: June 13, 2014, 06:49:47 PM »
Yeah thats quite a counter intuative strategy to rely on the prefab asset remaining intact opposed to keeping a prefab and a scene object hierarchy but I dont doubt your success doing it that way.

The way I normaly work is updating my objects applying the changes to the prefab, breaking the conection & deactivating, testing the prefab in play mode, rinse & repeat.

Its not been a good day & I've had both my scene objects & prefab screw up with no good reason. I just noticed an fsmGameObject variable got swtiched out for different one on another fsm. This is the most complex object in the project...scary :(

PlayMaker Help / prefabs not updating small changes to fsms
« on: June 13, 2014, 10:57:37 AM »
Theres a few threads on this dating back a while but I have not gleaned any good coping mechanisms for this issue.

For example im fine tuning a complex hierarchy and change one variable, apply changes to prefab & test the game in the editor. Sometimes the change is applied to the prefab but when i exit playmode the prefab gets reverted to its state before i changed the varaible. Sometimes the changed variable is not applied at all.

This may well be an issue with unity prefabs in general but im only having trouble with fsms & the time this is wasting is not good.

I need some kind of strategy to deal with this so i'm asking here.

Thanks for reading.

PlayMaker Help / Re: Smooth look at / local space?
« on: November 16, 2012, 07:32:00 PM »
Just as I succesfully managed to clamp unity constraints rotations by script & thnking about sticking that in an action i took a closer look at what it was doing to my objects.

warping the crap out of them...yes i thought thats just the look i was going for, well done unity constraints you are fired get out of my project folder.

jean, your a total bro & i've got no right making demands of your time on this. Specificly what i'm trying to achieve is the same level of control i get with 3d applications & other game engines (well a certain 2d one) over object rotations with things like turrets. In 3dsmax its a breeze to set up turrets that behave like physical objects & all that trig matrix quaternion anti fun is done where it belongs - by my computer :)

I'm really keen to see what you've got in mind for this but i'll be patient as its probably more of a unity problem.

There are so many threads on the official forums about this subject that its just not funny, yet none of them have any decent examples, i'm sure i'm not alone in finding unity's lack of pre cooked commands a huge barrier in this area.

PlayMaker Help / Re: Smooth look at / local space?
« on: November 16, 2012, 11:48:14 AM »
This is still a huge cause of frustration for me, unity's solution for look rotations is 'Do the maths yourself jerk, but hey we made a crap trail renderer - enjoy'.

"Mathf.Atan2(targetPos.x - transform.position.x, targetPos.y - transform.position.y)* (180 / Mathf.PI) ;"

"Return.z = Return.z > 180 ? Return.z - 360 : Return.z;"

Screw ALL of that, unity has been punching me in the balls with this jibberish to the point where its making me want to quit for an engine that has actual scripting commands for making games.
Path-o-logicals Unity Constrains Smooth look At completely nails look rotations - when it works, damn thing takes an age to start up plus now & again it just does not start for

Inspired by jean inserting my broken script into a custom action I've started making my first custom action for Unity Constrains Smooth look At. I got the target assigning done which is the important bit (you'll probably set the rest of the stuff in editor) but seeing as I use java & resources for custom actions in java are non existent this is as far as I can get for now.

Works pretty good right? ...Nope I can't clamp it  >:(

The blue arrow has the extracted rotation from its neighbour clamped (yay) but I'm unable clamp the object with the constraint itself. I would have thought playmakers rotate action would do the job but maybe Constraints wants me to clamp the target vector - in which case I'm back at square one with the maths bullcrap.

To summarise:

1. How can I clamp This thing?

2. Need the java syntax info for making custom actions

3. I would buy playmaker again for a  smooth look at action that just works no matter what.

PlayMaker Help / Re: ArrayMaker start pointers?
« on: November 13, 2012, 04:09:31 PM »
You get some examples in the package (if you didn't know) including a working invetory. They helped me get into it.

Also take a look at - really cool, seems to work like spherecast...needs a layer mask though ;)

PlayMaker Help / Smooth look at / local space?
« on: November 13, 2012, 03:34:12 PM »
Hello, if there are a bunch of threads/videos on this, i cant seem to find them, so sorry in advance if I'm being thick.

The world needs turrets so i'm having a look at what Playmaker has for this, the 'smooth look at' action seems like the natural choice but its just not happening for me  ???

In the XZ plane you can have 'keep vertical' ticked and it seems to do the job, but in the XY or on an angle no amount of messing with the up vector setting is delivering the desired results. Seems like 'keep vertical' works on the global Y axes and not object space?

All the arrows are tracking the green sphere, the blue scripted arrows are performing correctly using Mathf.Atan2 (ugh!), playmaker arrows are in red & you can see the two middle & right embedding themselves in fail. I've been using the rotation action with late update ticked to re-adjust but no joy so far.

What is the correct approach to doing this with PM?

package attached if anyone charitable desires to correct my wonky experiment.

PlayMaker Help / Re: GetFsmFloat vs GetEventInfo/SetEventData
« on: November 07, 2012, 11:09:00 AM »
Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my stuff jean.

-- I think I did go a little overboard on the variables, i guess my thought process was  - what if i want to add a power up that increases player energy capacity or changes how fast the turbo burns energy etc..but i agree with your guideline & its useful to see it written down.

-- Controlling an animation graph this way with one or two variables just feels 'right' & to me seems more elegant & preferred method to using scripts.

-- The turbo manager & reactor fsms still feel a bit shoe-horned to me. Ive combined gui update where I might have preferred separate fsms with smaller stacks for easier expendability, but this way i'm not using any every frame communication. More official information on fsm communication cost would be helpful - but i'll assume its either the same or better than unity script communication methods.

-- smooth follow2 does indeed smooth out the jaggies (i wasn't too worried as it was just slapped on the camera for speeds sake, but gj all the same!)

These little experiments have lead me to threads that discuss the much drooled over nested fsm's and in your example the use of game object hierarchy reminded me how they might look & work. It seems to me that the more complexity I add the more communication between fsms i'll need - more so than using scripts, i don't know if this will have any real impact on performance but its a concern.

PlayMaker Help / Re: GetFsmFloat vs GetEventInfo/SetEventData
« on: November 06, 2012, 11:15:12 AM »
After some more slap dash experiments in playmaker I thought the best thing might be to get my work graded by my betters, so i (not so) proudly attach 'turbo meta capsule' for critisism.

Now i'm hoping this catches Jeans eye (he who strides these forums like a collosus) to look at my implementation of a meta fsm - is it anywhere near the mark jean?

There is a 'reactor' fsm that could be seen as a health manager, a force/torque based movement fsm, an animation graph & a turbo feature, it even includes some gui energy bars :)

I seem to learn better by doing stuff wrong so it would be usefull to know how badly screwed up (or not!) these fsm's & they way they communicate are.


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