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PlayMaker Help / Re: All Local Events Spontaneously Became Global Events
« on: September 18, 2017, 02:41:18 AM »
I think that's a good assumption Jean. I'll keep an eye on my checkins and see if I can catch it red-handed.


PlayMaker Help / Re: All Local Events Spontaneously Became Global Events
« on: September 17, 2017, 12:31:20 AM »
I'll put in a bug as you suggested. On the note for backups I actually use Unity Collaborate and check in several times a day. I also use Git for asset backups.

However, in this case I had gone several hours without a checkin and noticed the global events issue.

Its totally on me for not checking in my work that day. I could have reverted but in this case I didn't want to lose the work I did and am now having to deal with this mess.

Thanks again for your support.


PlayMaker Help / Re: All Local Events Spontaneously Became Global Events
« on: September 16, 2017, 04:38:07 PM »
Thanks for the support Djaydino.

My Unity version is 2017.1.0f3 and PlayMaker is 1.8.4. To be clear this is only with events. Variables seem fine for now.

There are far too many events in this project to remove and replace them at this time. I’m feature complete and there are hundreds of events throughout the project. I did use a naming convention between global and locals so all local events are lowercase and globals start with an uppercase.

I’ve attached a couple of videos showing what happened as a result of this. First, you’ll see the capitalized events which are supposed to be Global. Then as I scroll down the list you’ll see all of the lowercase local events marked as Global in the list as well. And I’m unable to uncheck them as globals here. This would have been the quick fix I was looking for but no deal.

The second video shows the impact of this when I try to select a Global Event from the list. My list is now full of local events that I have to sift through.

It’s not the end of the world so I’ll manage but I’m really curious if this is a known issue or a usability one… like there is some hotkey that turns everything to global? Just want to know how to avoid in the future.

PlayMaker Help / All Local Events Spontaneously Became Global Events
« on: September 16, 2017, 04:44:50 AM »

I had a surprise today when working in Unity and PlayMaker… out of nowhere I noticed all of my local events had been changed into global events. So, now I have this massive list of events in my global list from Unity which is super annoying. I tried to revert the ones I knew were local events in the Global Event window but it won’t let me change anything in that menu. I went through and spent 45 minutes manually changing every local event I could find back to local.

Then the moment I wanted to burn Unity to the ground was when I realized all of that work may have unchecked the global event box in PlayMaker but Unity still has every single one of those events listed in the global events list. Incredibly frustrating.

Anyone know how I can clean up this list and get my project back in order? Also, anyone have a clue as to how this could happen in the first place?

Thank you,

Share New Actions / Re: Textmesh Pro Playmaker Actions (free)
« on: April 29, 2017, 01:26:37 PM »
That's wonderful. Thank you! I'll test out what you have today and let you know if I run into any issues.

Manually setting color gradients in PM would be a great addition but if all I had was the ability to swap a TPM_Color Gradient Preset then I could get away with a lot. It may be a much easier action to build.

Share New Actions / Re: Textmesh Pro Playmaker Actions (free)
« on: April 28, 2017, 07:13:26 PM »
Thank you for these actions!

I did run into the issue that uGUI TMP is not supported though. I look forward to your update!

These actions will save me a lot of time and allow for cleaner FSMs as I'm currently in the process of converting all my old text into uGUI TMP.

edit: I'm not sure what will be involved when you add uGUI TMP support but one feature that would be very helpful is to be able to set Color Gradient Presets.


Hello folks,

Just curious the reason for Data Maker on Ecosystem being renamed to Data Maker_x.

I looked through the history on GitHub and Jean just renamed it but no comments as to why.

Does this signify something we should know? Obsolete and avoid came to mind so I got a bit worried and ran to the forums!


PlayMaker Help / Re: I Tween Rotate To action once worked and once not
« on: April 19, 2017, 02:16:29 PM »
Once you’ve installed DoTween you will need to go into your Unity menu under the Tools tab and select Demigiant --> DoTween Utility Panel

In the DoTween window click on the Setup DoTween… button.

Once that’s complete, go to this link:

Install the package attached in the original post (DoTween Actions v1.2.unitypackage) and you should have a zillion useful DoTween PlayMaker actions.

Alternatively, there are paid actions on the Unity Asset Store for DoTween. I think there are more actions in the paid package that cover more complex needs but I highly recommend you try out the free batch first.


I found a few actions under the Animator section that do similar behavior albeit it does not match the exact behavior as the Animator FSM State Sync.

I’m using:
Get Animator Current Transition Info Is Name
Get Animator Current State Info is Name

Using a switch board setup, I can sit in a state and wait for a match of animator state names or transitions then take action. However, what I used before was just the proxy and I could name the PlayMaker states the same name as the animator states and it would automatically sync them during runtime. Meaning, I could place them in various FSMs and use them just like events. It was super clean.

Just wondering if we lost that feature when the Animator actions were integrated into PlayMaker. Or, is it somewhere else I can find it?



Are there vanilla PlayMaker Action(s) that accomplish the same functions as PlayMakerAnimatorStateSynchronization component?

The proxy no longer works after I updated to 5.6 and digging through the Animator actions I’m not finding anything that syncs Unity animator states with PlayMaker states.

I’m sure it’s right in front of my face heh. I just can’t see it.


Wise advice Jean. I thought about it while I was wide awake last night and since I’m only using this array for UI I can keep the simplistic structure in PlayMaker/ArrayMaker. The more complex structure can remain in code as it’s working fine as is.

I’m going to mark this thread as SOLVED since it has a working sample of code in it.

Thanks again for the support.

PlayMaker Help / Re: Get array list from C# script and use in PlayMaker
« on: February 24, 2017, 03:59:08 AM »
I appreciate the support guys.

Mdotstrange; first off, big fan of your work!

I’m converting a project over from C# to PlayMaker for the UI flow. All core gameplay features are developed in C#. So, with this hybrid approach I wanted to maintain as much code as possible. With that in mind I have an array I use in C# that I would like to copy the data and place into a native PlayMaker array I can then use for populating UI game objects and such.

Jean, I see what you’re getting at. I opened up a few ArrayMaker scripts and was able to use some of the syntax in the past hour. I did get another step closer. I’m able to carry over string arrays only and they have to be individually created in PlayMaker.

This is a first step. I need sleep but tomorrow I’ll look deeper and see if I can get a 1:1 mapping from the C# array list to PlayMaker Array. One thing I should mention; I have array lists within my array lists. Not sure if PlayMaker will accept that scenario.

Here is a snip of the code I used to get it working…
Code: [Select]
        using HutongGames.PlayMaker;

        private List<Challenge> challenges;
        public FsmArray Name;
        public FsmArray XP;
        public FsmArray Fame;
        public FsmArray Gold;
        public FsmArray Monsters;
        public FsmArray RequiredFame;
        public FsmArray IsPlotQuest;

        private void FetchAllChallenges()
            this.challenges = new List<Challenge>();

            for (int i = 0; i < this.ChallengeIDs.Count; ++i)

            //Push challenges list over to PlayMaker
            Name = FsmVariables.GlobalVariables.FindFsmArray("challengeName");
            Name.Values[i] = this.challenges[i].Name.ToString();

            XP = FsmVariables.GlobalVariables.FindFsmArray("challengeXP");
            XP.Values[i] = this.challenges[i].XP.ToString();

            Fame = FsmVariables.GlobalVariables.FindFsmArray("challengeFame");
            Fame.Values[i] = this.challenges[i].Fame.ToString();

            Gold = FsmVariables.GlobalVariables.FindFsmArray("challengeGold");
            Gold.Values[i] = this.challenges[i].Gold.ToString();

            RequiredFame = FsmVariables.GlobalVariables.FindFsmArray("challengeRequiredFame");
            RequiredFame.Values[i] = this.challenges[i].RequiredFame.ToString();

            Monsters = FsmVariables.GlobalVariables.FindFsmArray("challengeMonsters");
            Monsters.Values[i] = this.challenges[i].Monsters.ToString();

            IsPlotQuest = FsmVariables.GlobalVariables.FindFsmArray("challengeIsPlotQuest");
            IsPlotQuest.Values[i] = this.challenges[i].IsPlotQuest.ToString();


Thanks again fellas!


I’m looking for an example in C# code to take an array list that exists in script and access it in PlayMaker. I can do it easy enough with variables but I cannot seem to find any complete example of how to do this with array lists from script.

I found ways to do this with variables here:

But with this knowledge I’m still unsuccessful.

Thank you kindly,

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