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Hi! Right now, it is possible to toggle comments in graph view via the preferences tab, however I would like to be able to disable state comments (as they are quite messy if they are too long) and still be able to have FSM comments enabled (as they go in the background of FSMs and don't take up space)

FSM comments are quite important to me when I'm working on complex projects to help me remember which functionality is in which FSM without having to look through each state, or going to the FSM tab to read it.

This is a small feature, but one I would love!

Hope you will consider it :)


yeah, this makes sense :) thanks! I have used playmaker for such a long time and only really used the basic actions so when i try solving problems, the more advanced actions completely slip my mind because i've never needed to use them before :)


PlayMaker Help / Re: Animation problems
« on: July 31, 2013, 08:45:48 AM »
Hi! I hope i can offer a way to solve this problem

In your animation FSM, you have an idle start-state with transitions into 3 or 4 states (walk foward animation, walk left animation, walk right animation and walk backward animation) so 5 states in total including start state. You make a global event for each of them, and add them as global transition (example: move forward state has the "play animation" action that makes it play the move forward animation. On this state you right-click and "add global transition" and attach your "move forward" transition to that state. Same with all the other states with their corresponding transitions.

The start state will be the "idle" state that plays the idle animation and nothing else.

Now go to your input FSM. In the input state for forward, you add a new action called "send event" and change target to "game object FSM". Then let it stay at "use owner" and enter the name of your animation FSM and in the "send event" field, you chose "forward" (or your corresponding name for your global forward animation transition)

Repeat for all the other states.

This ensures that when you use your move foward input, it sends an event to your animation FSM and plays the forward animation automatically, and this should work for all your animations.

I hope I explained this well enough

Good luck!


Hi Jean! As far as i can see, it is only possible to raycast in 4 directions, left, right, forward and backward. Would I have to attach the raycast behaviour to a gameobject that would then rotate to simulate the guns inaccruacy? so rotating the GO instead of the raycast direction, and just raycast fowards instead?

Would that work?

Yes, it might have something to do with the input. I don't know if mouse input is different on mac than on PC but it sounds like that could be the issue. I will take a look at it at some point and bump this thread in a few days :) thanks for your time!

that's weird! Are you sure you have the game focused first? so left-click the game and make sure you can move around etc, and then right click should unlock the camera for movement

Works fine for me =(

PlayMaker Help / Re: How to make a Laser Beam ? [SOLVED]
« on: July 30, 2013, 07:12:06 AM »
care to share how you solved it? just out of curiousity :)

PlayMaker Help / Re: Question about using random objects [SOLVED]
« on: July 29, 2013, 10:37:35 AM »
You're welcome! Glad to be of help :)

Thanks, that is the direction I will go with this then :)

much appriciated!


I'd still like to invite others to join the discussion - I'm sure there are others out there who are in doubt about how to handle shooting, so if you have any tips, tricks or ideas on how to handle bullets in a specific situation then feel free to add a reply :)

sure, I will upload one in a few minutes


I just made some changes to it - when you right-click to move the camera, it will now reset the character's position to 0, 0, 0 so it looks straight forward. This works better, however i could still use any advice you would have on making this feel as good as possible: (if you get an error, give it a minute to synch the data file)

Thanks in advance:

PS: Left-click shooting is just a test at the moment, will be replaced soon.

Buildings are enter-able, and that's pretty much the extend of the functionality in the game right now.

that makes sense with the looking forward after releasing, but that would still probably change the characters rotation after releasing right-click which is what i want to avoid entirely

So far, when you right click, it stops updating the mouse-pick position so when you hold down right-click, the character will keep looking at the point where you had the mouse before you pressed right-click, even if you move the character around using WASD, but when you let go it just snaps to a position that could be forward as you suggest, but the sudden snapping to a different rotation just makes it all feel so "meh"

Hi jean - Yes i was gonna try just using a one-time raycast as the player shoots and just spawn a muzzle flash particle and actually not have any bullets at all.

Would you know how i could, in a top-down shooter, add sway to the gun as you fire using raycasting?

- Player sees character from the top
- Character always looks at the mouse (player moves mouse around, character rotation follows)
- Player sees an enemy and moves the mouse over the enemy, making the character face directly towards the enemy
- Player clicks the mouse, making the character "shoot" towards the enemy
- The weapon is some sort of assault rifle, so the longer you hold down fire, the more the "shots" should spread (decreasing accuracy to discourage spraying)
- Shooting does not use projectiles, but rather fires 1 raycast for each shot fired
- How do i show / indicate to the player where his shots are going (how accurate they are) If there is no visible bullet? and how do i control the raycast direction? Is it as simple as to just get a random float between X and Y and use that for the raycast direction on the Z axis?

Thanks! I will see if i can find this once i get playmaker up and running again :)

Hi Jean! That's a shame =(

I am making a top-down shooter, where the character always looks at the mouse-pick position. By holding right click, the mouse will lock, and the player can rotate the camera. Upon releasing right click, it unlocks the mouse again which then appears in the center of the screen and makes the character rotate to look in a random direction. This fixes itself as the player can move the mouse to where he wants the character to look again, but it's just an annoying piece of functionality that makes it feel very annoying to turn the camera around, since it will change the rotation of your character as a result and you have to move the mouse back in the direction you want to face again =(

General Discussion / Shooting: how to handle bullets? - A Discussion
« on: July 27, 2013, 05:04:54 PM »
Hi guys - I wanted to make this thread, because i know there are many different ways of handling shooting and bullets, hit detection etc.

What method do you use for handling these things? What's the most efficient way, and what method is best for performance?

I am coding a shooter as a hobby project at the moment (not using Playmaker for this, but still), And i found that spawning a bullet and making it fly at a realistic speed (in my scale, using a force of 6000) makes the game FPS dip low whenever i spawn 3 or more bullets at the same time. On top of that, I use raycasts for detection at the moment, which also dips the FPS even more whenever i shoot, and because the bullets fly so fast, the raycast is inaccurate to a degree (sometimes bullet just flies through the wall because it was too fast  for raycast to detect it)

So are there better methods of doing this? Should you just spawn the muzzle flare at the gun, and then NOT use a bullet at all, and just raycast from the gun instead and use that for hit detection? I feel that having bullets that travel this fast is having a huge impact on performance.

Time to share your tips and tricks about shooting :)

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