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*I have also posted it on Oculus dev forums.

So I have a scene where names (uGui text inside a canvas *world space*) appear on top of what you look at, it uses raycast from the camera center to know what you're looking at and based on it presents the name of what you are looking.

I'm using Unity 5.5.1 with Playmaker (1.8.3.f4), making this app for Gear VR (using a Galaxy S7 Edge).
Everything works perfect in the editor, it also works perfectly on Gear VR locally (Build and Installing the APK manually or with my phone plugged on PC using build and run to auto install without send to Oculus)
Everything works.

I'm not using Oculus utility, only the native unity sdk, camera, etc and everything works fine. (but also have tested with utilities)

I created an app on Oculus Developer Center.  I have uploaded the APK to the ALPHA Channel and everything was fine, no problem with androidmanifest nor keystore, i have the thing there and i can download it from Oculus Store to test.

The problem is..., 
after submitting the APK to the ALPHA Channel and running it from Oculus Store, the raycast does not seem to work, I look at things and the names don't appear.
To make sure it was not an application problem, I did several tests and manually installed it outside the Oculus Store using the APK and everything works, but when I send to the ALPHA Channel, it stops working.
Just to make it clear, I have also tested with Oculus Utilities for Unity 5 V1.11.0 using OVR cam rig, input module on event system..... same problem
I sent an invitation to my app on ALPHA Channel to a friend to test and it does not work for him either.  :(

What can I do?
Is there something on AndroidManifest.xml or some process on Oculus Store that modifies an APK and limits certain things?

PlayMaker Help / Flocking system
« on: February 03, 2017, 08:35:05 AM »

I'm trying to make a flocking system to have some fishes swimming (schooling) in a rocky shore diorama I'm doing.

Everything is "working" but i want to make each fish a little far apart from each other, "avoiding contact".

You can see an example here (GIF)
**The amount of fishes right now is only for testing. 
This will be a mobile app and will have 4 types of fish with few quantities each plus other animals.

I am not using rigidbody or physics, I believe it should not be good for mobile but  I'm not sure and I have not tested yet.
The fishes are created in real time with the amount I set and stay there swimming limited in a defined space.  Also, array with constant update of the position of each fish seems to have a big performance impact, even on PC, and I have no idea how to compare the position of one fish with other using the positions inside the array to make the offset because i don't know the index of each instance (clone) there and i don't know how can i find "self" inside the array.

Does anyone know a good way to do this in a way that does not have a big impact on performance?

I know there are scripts for this, but I'm trying to do it using Playmaker only

Chrome no longer allows the use of plugins (Unity Web Player) and the only option we have is WebGL, but looks like WebGL does not work with Playmaker.
it keep stuck in the loading bar forever, no WebGL application starts with Playmaker

I tried everything i could, but nothing fix the problem. only not using playmaker makes everything works.

is there any solution?

Unity and Playmaker are up to date here

I'm a artist, not a programmer. I can use and understand well the Playmaker and all logics, but sometimes i get stuck for not having a basic knowledge (i think) and it takes more time to find a solution for relatively simple things.
I end up learning something new in this way, but do not know if it's the best way.

I would like to learn something to use together with the Playmaker to help better understand things and get out problems easily, at least have a basic programming knowledge, i believe this will help a lot

Which programming language is most suitable to start and where can i start? any suggestions for books, videos, web sites ?

Forum Suggestions / [Suggestion] Playmaker community on Google+
« on: June 27, 2014, 08:07:33 AM »
I think it would be interesting to have an official Playmaker community on Google+
The Google+ has a far superior community system compared to the Facebook system.
It is organized, has categories, better design and features like hangouts.
There are official communities for various software, including Unity, Blender, Zbrush, Photoshop.....


Have a specific Unity Playmaker community, makes it easier to exchange info, showcase, share actions, make mini challengers to help learn Playmaker/Unity. for example: make a micro game with theme X in 3 days, 1 week, etc.
Or even show what you're doing or how do you do X and Y in real time with hangouts (using screen sharing).

Well, this is the suggestion :D

Work In Progress... / Board Game "race like" for kids - My first game <3
« on: November 21, 2013, 07:26:27 PM »

Now i'm more used with playmaker and i'm making this board game, it has two days of working on it fast graphics and code.
This game is a reproduction of a game i had done for an environmental organization i drew up the game, did the design, rules and so on. It is part of an  stickers album for children 6 to 9 years

I'm still having some difficulties because i'm not a programmer and i know nothing about code. i take some time to solve problems.... but in the end i can do what i want :D
this is pure playmaker
still pre-alpha. i  intend to refine it and make all the final graphics and textures

the rules:
theres no rules LOL  this is a board game "race like" where luck (dice roll) is what drives, with some event squares.

I have put it in english for you to understand (there is a button to localise), originally the game is in portuguese.
Right now you play against the computer. but it will have player vs player and i  plan to learn how to do this online multiplayer

there is a bug with the dice that some times does not "jump"... but i will fix soon

BTW. this is the game i did and now i'm trying to recreate digital

PlayMaker Help / Board Game System [movement] how to do?
« on: July 28, 2013, 12:57:37 PM »
Hello  ;D

Can i have a light on how to make a board game system.  I mean, make the piece move X squares  (based on dice number) and make the piece  walk in a sequence following the path to reach the destination, forwards and backwards (if some square send the player back 2 squares for example)

I'm not a coder, but I can already use the playmaker and i understand the logic. But i don't know how to start it, how this process is done and how to make the piece follows the path, "jumping" in each square to reach the destination, as if it "walk" through the board squares.

example of a board (not mine)

User Showcase / Playmaker Study "Piu World"
« on: December 05, 2012, 11:09:39 AM »
Hello everybody! This is my first post here... My name is Diogo, from Brazil.
I have zero experience with programming, I know nothing about codes.
found the playmaker on google and decided to buy it and downloaded the free version of Unity.
All my experience has always been with graphics, 3ds max, photoshop, zbrush ...

I bought the playmaker and watched the basic introduction videos (13 i think ) so i decided to create a scene to learn how to use playmaker and unity.  I am on the 4th day of study

I'm doing this virtual pet, or something similar trying to use the maximum of what I saw in the videos and trying everything I can. I will gradually add new things
I'm starting to get used to the playmaker, unity and logic.

The only thing that is not playmaker is the camera movement (camera orbit). i used a script from the unity wiki.
because I still dont know how to make a camera in playmaker that looks like this :(

Heres the link "Piu World"  :-[


Select the egg and place anywhere you want on the ground
you can hatch up to 7 eggs
select the lantern to illuminate the egg to hatch it
all the time is variable. the egg can hatch fast or take some time
eggs without lighting "die" with time.
the chicks will born and grow, they walk, eat and do what chicks do... :D

Now I want to create interactivity in the chicks.
As I said, I'm putting things gradually, as I study

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