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We are now just 12 - 24 hours away from start time (depending on your timezone).

Start time is 7am Friday the 13th your own timezone! Therefore, it is not too late to join.

The theme(s) are now officially being announced.

1. Murphys Law.
2. Dark Miracles.

Before gamejam starts, you are welcome to install unity, open a new project and install playmaker as nessesary :)

Feel free to join using a pseudonym. Since you can make up any name for your itch account, no one will know it is you. :)

Only 8 Days to Playmaker Game Jam 2019 !!! (Can you feel my excitement?). This game jam is for all of us playmaker users! Don't miss out!.

Not only that, but we have even more prizes. Thanks to our very own djaydino of Jinxter Games, you can win from the asset store, a copy of both:

Playmaker Samples:

Third Party Asset Actions for PlayMaker:

Hi, did some profiling and testing. For the OP, its too bad the action didnt work they way you were hoping.

As for other people who come across this thread, for future reference. One agent using it on update has 88kb of garbage, which is not bad at all. Doing 58 agents (2 were resting of my 60), had 5KB of garbage, which is a little bit higher. But is causing me 0.57ms of CPU (of course different devices should be different). Great for PC, less great for mobile, but it was 60 agents on screen. Again, doing the check 10 x per second, etc would make little to no noticeable HUMAN difference to stopping distances. That would cut down on the garbage a lot.

I ran my test for quite a while. The garbage collector will take out the garbage on a regular basis, so there should be no build-up unless there is a problem somewhere else.

The garbage collection is due to 2 internal methods that unity uses to do its calculations, so there is no way to avoid it in this action. Again, I suggest using this action when it is necessary (check to see if the standard "Get Remaining Distance" is ever returning infinity. If there are more than 2 corners in a path, this is a known issue. See my screenshot for the garbage collection location.

As for its accuracy, it remains just as accurate as other methods. Again, did a little test.

The action is throwing no yellow warnings. Therefore, this action works as expected.

Again to OP, glad you got it worked out for your setup!

I wrote the action. I cannot remember offhand, but I doubt any of it is obsolete. The action is necessary at times because calculating the distance the standard way will throw errors if there are too many corners. (For example in a maze with many turns). When calculating the distance remaining, you dont need to do it in update. Just a few times a second is enough, which would save on lots of garbage collection. Also, small amounts of garbage are really not an issue for any modern hardware.  8)

Share New Actions / Re: Game Creator Integration
« on: September 04, 2019, 06:43:05 AM »
I agree. I am using for NPC character controllers. The animation and controller system is pretty straight forward to use. For me, the visual scripting solution it comes with is not a replacement for playmaker. Although it does have a few neat tricks.

Share New Actions / Re: Game Creator Integration
« on: September 03, 2019, 11:08:06 PM »
Hi, not much more. I was hoping to make some variable actions, but by the time the owner go back, my window to work on it has closed. Unfortunately, I am pretty busy with another project for a little bit.

However, I did take a few moments to make those actions for you.

I added them to the github page:

We are just 10 days away from Playmaker Game Jam 2019!!!!

We have prizes. Thank you to uModeler for donating a copy of uModeler for the winner!

Sign up to Jam today!

Pre-release Discussion / Re: Playmaker 2.0
« on: September 01, 2019, 05:40:34 PM »
Switching from C# to DOTs only, would mean .. well.. the end over everything in the asset store that is not a shader or model just about. The asset store is clearly a large source of income. It will be a long transition.

PlayMaker Help / Re: click specific object?
« on: August 31, 2019, 07:18:14 PM »

PlayMaker Help / Re: PUN2 ecosystem import throwing errors
« on: August 31, 2019, 07:13:26 PM »
Do you have PUN2 from the asset store installed?

Pre-release Discussion / Re: Playmaker 2.0
« on: August 27, 2019, 10:25:12 AM »
Unitys new visual scripting solution is for ECS, not c#. As well, it is not a state machine. So those are some pretty huge differences. Lastly, if you check out where it is at now (beta is out), its a long ways off from something like Playmaker, Bolt or other assets on the store.

General Discussion / Re: UFPS Review !!??
« on: August 18, 2019, 05:54:15 PM »
Lol, I started to type my reply and then decided not to post. Then I saw djaydino's. I own both version 1 of opsive third person controller and now version 2 of UCC (contains both FPS and Third Person).

I gave up on it this past week after fighting it for so so long. What was my main problems? Movements. Even setting up a special condition where the character turned for me to face something (without keyboard inputs) was a nightmare. And I consider myself an intermediate coder (for unity) at this point. I wasted so much time using its 'state' system. (Give me my time back!!).

That being said, I didnt use it for FPS.

What is does include is a lot out of the box. Gun systems, inventory systems, screen displays, health systems, etc etc. If you want to use the things they have, they work great. If you want to extend it, it was hard (IMHO).

It does take awhile to get everything running and you need to watch the short tutorial videos very carefully. Again, IMO, it works and has a TON of options. But it has a TON of options, so it can be hard to get it to work  ;D

If you wanted third person, I would suggest instead game creator (shooter module should be out in the next month). But for first person, not sure what is better?

Playmaker integration is pretty basic. But they try and contain all the logic needed within UCC. The owner is super busy so dont expect them to make any new actions on request. (Again, in my experience).

Share New Actions / Re: Game Creator Integration
« on: August 18, 2019, 05:44:10 PM »

Thanks for the suggestion.

Making an PM action to send and get game variables is on the list. I ran into a few small problems. Unfortunately, the creator of Game Creator is away for another 2 weeks or so. His yearly vacation. Once he is back, hopefully, we can get that sorted.

Get game creator trigger? Do you have a specific suggestion for this one?

Here is my idea. If we want a game creator trigger to send an event to playmaker, I think maybe we can make a game creator action that sends an event to playmaker by name. For game creator, the trigger (as far as I can tell), can only trigger a game creator action. Therefore we need to take that extra step. 

Game Creator Trigger -> Game Creator Action --> Playmaker Event.

Maybe there is a way can make a PM action to subscribe (listen) to for a specific game creator event (I can investigate), but that PM action would need to be active. (The PM action would need to be in a PM state and that state on). So the downside would be, once playmaker got the trigger, it couldnt fire again (unless it came back to that PM state is started listening again).

Share New Actions / Game Creator Integration
« on: August 16, 2019, 10:38:27 PM »
Hi, I have created a few playmaker actions to integrate with game creator. Game creator has its own 'action / trigger' system, vars, etc. However, I am primarily using it for its nice 3d person character controller. Has a decent camera, input, animation controller etc that is not overly complicated to use.

Anyways, you can get my playmaker actions here. They are a work in progress:

I am primarily using for NPCs. So playmaker actions like, follow, move to, stop, do game creator actions, etc.

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