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PlayMaker Tutorials / Re: Character Motor Issue
« on: August 18, 2017, 09:27:40 AM »
Hey thanks for the reply, right now i'm reinstalling unity since the new patch made it unusable and i will provide screenshots. Just one question this boo the script was provided as a downloadable resource...the Motor Script is available officially as an asset already in Unity? I'm asking because maybe there is some ort of compatibility issue since the book was released some time ago and i've got latest Unity version. And if it is available, how do i download it?

PlayMaker Tutorials / Character Motor Issue
« on: August 18, 2017, 08:29:33 AM »
Hello, i'm trying to follow up Unity 3d and Playmaer Essential book, but as soon as i add the Character Motor to manage the Jumping part, when i run the scene the character jumps right away without any input, then when it lands it starts to behave properly. I've noticed that even disabling all of the Set/Get property actions it still begins with a long jump.
Can anyone help?


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