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PlayMaker Help / Re: SOLVED - Trouble storing an XML Reference into a Proxy
« on: September 08, 2017, 06:49:09 PM »
hmmm.. could not get the XML Create Node to work no matter what. But the XML Insert Node seems to work fine. So I can use that as a workaround. :)

I have to say. This is not my first large project, but my first experience with Playmaker.
And so far I can see why everyone is raving about it. Quite an amazing tool. Really, thank you for making so many things so easy! :)

It is a bit of a shame there are no clear docs or examples about all these XML nodes, but just 3-4 tutorials online, thanks to a couple of truly good souls. I hope this wont be the same for the rest of the package... But still better than no alternatives! ;)

PlayMaker Help / Re: XML Create Node always errors
« on: September 08, 2017, 12:42:15 AM »
I think... I cleared up all the reference/string errors (uops). And it looks like it may be coming down to the fact that I am actually still unfamiliar with the XML Save In Proxy node. Sorry.

I get the XML Create Node to succeed (or so it looks like) set as in the first attachment, and reading from the original XML reference (which resolves properly in earlier nodes).

But, I still cannot transfer that new xml reference to the Proxy, to check if it works... :(

Getting late here.. will try again tomorrow...
But, please do shoot on the newbie if you notice a silly mistake... :)

PlayMaker Help / Re: XML Create Node always errors
« on: September 08, 2017, 12:10:14 AM »
hmmm... baby steps...

I just realized i was trying to save the Reference into a string variable.

Once I store it into a name ( which I assume will resolve into an obj), I skip the error... ;) (attachment 1)

But i cant see it being promoted to the proxy yet... (through attachment 2)

Getting closer, at least... :)

PlayMaker Help / SOLVED - Trouble storing an XML Reference into a Proxy
« on: September 07, 2017, 11:51:44 PM »
I apologize up front for the newbie question.
I went through the forum and online for hours and watched all the videos from @djaydino... thank you, thank you, thank you for those... ;)

But Im still struggling with this XML Create Node.
I tried variations over variations. And it always errors, without telling me why... :(

I got all to work (as per tutorials) and managed to nicely read my xml into a new reference (as well as store it into a hash table). As seen in the first attachment

But when I try to add a new entry with an XML Create Node. No matter how I format that node, it always errors... like in the second attachment.

Tried a few variations, between which those in the third attachment

That node looks pretty straightforward. I must be doing something silly. But cant wrap my head around it, yet. Id appreciate some hints...

The xml reference Im coming from is also pretty sraightforward... but im thinking there must be a conflict in there somewhere... ? maybe?

<MOOD id="20170907" type="internal" mood="happy"></MOOD>
<MOOD id="20170908" type="external" mood="sad"></MOOD>

This is from a fresh install of the latest unity and datamaker (as of 2-3 days ago).
And... Thank you in advance...

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