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PlayMaker Help / Re: Pooler cant put back to pool Parented objects
« on: July 19, 2019, 03:53:03 AM »
Yes yes I'm doing unparent just before I destroy pooled object but it just won't work. When I'm parenting just one pooled object, it works ok, but when I'm parenting a few of them in a row - some of them won't be unparented..

PlayMaker Help / Pooler cant put back to pool Parented objects
« on: July 18, 2019, 09:52:47 PM »
I'm using great Pooler from Jeanfabre, but I'm experiencing some weird things, so I will probably address my question to him:

I'm Spawning a few Pooled objects from the Pool and parenting them at runtime to my Player, the problem is when I'm trying to do Pooler Destroy Stored, it can't get those pooled child objects back from the Parent to put them back to pool as non parented pooled objects. So one or a few just stay parented forever. Is there a way to fix that or am I missing something? Thanks!

in the fsm for the array, check if array list is empty with Array List Is Empty. (the original action does not have a every frame event, you can try the one i have below in the attachment)

Hi, I tried that ArrayListIsEmpty2 action and in Unity 2019.1.7f1 it gave me lots of 'namespaces' errors so I had to delete it. Are there any other ways to check if there are items in my Array list? I was thinking of having an Int variable of number of items in the Array, and comparing every second if it's greater than 0 - then loop through. But I'm just not sure if checking every frame or every second for this is a good idea for mobile platforms. Would you have any info on that please? Thanks!

On collecting a coin place it in a fsm with an array (preferably array list instead of build-in array)

Sorry, looks like I need some clarification here too. Do you mean some special Array List action which is not included (built-in) in the the latest Playmaker version? Thanks a lot Djay!

PlayMaker Help / Re: How to a store colliders under different names?
« on: July 18, 2019, 11:52:24 AM »
the key is to delay the spawning using the index in the array as multiplier of the delay value.

so if you find that you have 3 colliders in the array, you spawn the first one instantly, spawn the second one 0.3f later, the third one, 0.6,

so the math is i*0.3 i being the index in the array.

does that make sense?

This sounds very good and exactly what I need but where should I set up this i*0.3 multiplying of indexes and in which action (and in which field) particularly it should happen? Is it in Array Get Next action? How should I make so the first one goes out instantly and others with this 0.3 delay? By delaying do you mean using Wait action?

one way to do this is to have a fsm that checks every 0.3 seconds the array and take out the first item always.

Checking if the Array list is empty every 0.3 sec is a good idea but I have a few questions:

1) Is it ok for performance to do this check that often since I'm aiming for mobile platforms?

2) Wouldn't it be better to send the command to start checking if the Array list is empty only on collision with the first box? And the somehow stop it so it's not checking regularly?

3) How can I check if Array list is empty? I heard from Djaydino that there is action ArrayListIsEmpty2, I even tried importing it from Ecosystem but it gave me lots of errors in Unity 2019.1.7f1 so I had to delete it. Are there any other ways to do that?

Thanks a lot man!

PlayMaker Help / Re: How to a tore colliders under different names?
« on: July 17, 2019, 01:11:47 PM »
Thanks for replying Jean! Could you please break it down a bit more for me?

Current Situation: I'm doing infinite runner type of game. I have three Boxes standing right next to each other. Each time Player collides with one of those Boxes - I'm calling an FSM on Box's Parent to Spawn some Random Powerup at Player's position. This Powerup floats above the Player character for some time being parented to a Player and after a second disappears.

Problem: The problem is when I'm colliding with three boxes lying on the ground very close to each other - all three Powerups fly out almost at the same time covering and interpenetrating each other. This happens because I'm calling Spawn Random Powerup immediately each time Player is colliding with the boxes. And what I want is to have Spawned Powerups to appear one after the other even though Boxes were already destroyed - so that Players would clearly see what they got from the box.

Question: How do I set up such an Array, where fast collision with all three boxes will spawn the Powerup of the first Box immediately, but delaying the Powerups of others till the First Powerup is gone completely?

Thanks a lot for reading all of this!

PlayMaker Help / Re: How to make Floating Scores?
« on: July 16, 2019, 12:48:06 PM »

Your first stop is to check out the sample uGuiTextFollowGameObject on the Ecosystem.

 it will give you all the keys to position a UI text or panel above a 3d object, then you can animate that object up easily by moving its position up.



Thanks a lot Jean!


I need to make objects my Player collides with - stored as object variables which I can do by enabling Store Collider checkbox in Trigger Event action. But the problem is If Player collides with Object A and Object B which are right next to each other, Object A is stored as collider only for a second until Player collides with Object B leaving Object A inaccessible. And if I want to Send Event to both objects initiating some FSMs that are on both Objects - only the last one is affected of course. How can I make stored colliders to be named and stored under unique name variables? Thanks!

Sounds great! Thanks for the heads up Djay!

Creating objects is very performance heavy and usually not recommended especially for mobile platforms. Activating/deactivating in my opinion would be best.


I actually quickly tested having a 3D coin object spawned from a Player and moving towards Title and it works. Thanks! But I wanted to ask you one thing:

When I'm picking one coin after another everything works fine, once collected - they're being spawned at my Player's position and moved towards Coins meter one by one, but when I have Magnet activated and attract let's say 10 of them at once, then I have a mess - cos instead of one nice queue of rotating coins moving towards Coin Meter - I have 10 coins which look as one - cos they're all travelling at the same speed and starting at the same time.

So I want to ask, is it possible to somehow make them to be spawned with slight delay one after the other even if I collected all 10 coins at once? Thanks a lot!


woa that was a long but very interesting one! ;) You're right it's best to have a kind of a test and see what's best. I just wanted to check may be there's some already widely known opinion on that. I'm just really in doubt what's more performance friendly - playing PNGs sequence again and again, or having actual 3d object. I'll take a closer look. Thanks a lot!


Thanks! that totally makes sense!


Please look at this Coins Meter in the upper left corner, do you think they're using actual rotating 3d Coin object or it's just animated sprite that gets tweened to that Coins Meter location?!

With my game, I'm aiming for mobile platforms, what would be the best for performance - using actual rotating 3d coin object Moved Towards that Coin Meter location or animated sprite (containing sequence of PNGs)?


PlayMaker Help / Screen Space to World Space, how?
« on: July 10, 2019, 06:02:01 AM »
Hi, I'm trying some simple thing but can't get it working.

I want simple UI text (screen space) to appear exactly where my 3D Sphere in the scene is (world space).

I tried transferring my 3D sphere's Position to the UI text's Position with World to Screen Point action, but the screen jumps elsewhere not even close to where my 3D Sphere is.

Thanks for reply! Did I understand you correctly that I basically just need to move one UI element towards another UI element? Or you mean moving Coin UI element towards some empty 3D object placed where my Coin Meters in UI is?

Also, my 3D Character is in World Space, and I need to move a Coin towards object in UI space (I guess it's called Screen space) how do I spawn that UI coin directly where my 3D Character is and move it to UI element?


In my game Player collects Coins (3D gameObjects) and Scores (TextMesh Pro text). So in order to better visualize for players what goes where, I would like to make Score Values and Coins  to be Moved towards corresponding places in the game's HUD. How should I approach this kind of task?

Will "Move Towards" action with corresponding UI element in "Target Object" field solve it? Thanks in advance!

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