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EDIT: I found a custom Vector3 compare class so I think I have solved my problem, but my question stands if anyone has time to suggest a solution. It might come up some other day.

Hey, I am new to Unity, Playmaker and programming in general so I realize its probably a very basic question, but I have been trying different things for some time now and no luck.

I have a vector3 for the player's movement. I would like to check if he is moving or not. For this I converted the X and Z into floats (the Y is always zero in my case). It would be great to have a Vector3 compare action but I couldn't find it.

Then I have both the X and Z floats on a Float Compare action (each on his own action), the second float as zero, and I send the event "moving" on both greater than and less than on both.

That causes and infinite loop. If I remove the Z float compare it works fine with just the X, but then if the player is moving only in the Z axis I can't tell.

What would be the best way to solve this? I can't add them I think since they can zero each other out (the Z can be at -25 while the X at 25).

Basically what I need is "if (x>0 and x<0 and z<0 and z>0) {movement}".

Here is what I have, if my words were confusing:

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