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Android Help / Character controller
« on: July 23, 2011, 05:49:35 AM »

Im new with playmaker( did buy it yesterday)
It has alot of things and I will learn all things in time.
I wish there was more information about android and the touch screen.
I see it has some stuff for it, but basically zero tutorial for it.

What i want it to make my own character controller.
I tried to add the one from standard access(mobile) and got the exit scene to work, but not good.
So i want to be able to make one joystick to control the movement(4 directions) and 2 button( jump and fire)
I guess those control would work in many 3D games.
Right now Im working an a 3D maze game and i guess those controller is what I need to get it to work.
Sure I could use the stock code and change them so it work like I want, but I feel that using playmaker is a better way to control it.

p.s I looked into IOS section to and found some stuff I shall check out, but I did not see any solution on this.


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