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Ok i could not resist... I took a break and made this... I know it is super cheesy but kind of gets the point across.. About 15 min of fooling around. Like i said i dont do character stuff.

It was fun.


Wow Q, that's pretty much the concept!  I was thinking about using the AWDS for the movement, and then hold the right mouse button to rotate the torso (and move the weapon cannons along the Y axis for vertical aiming), releasing the right mouse button to "snap" back.

It only took you 15 minutes?!  Have you been using PlayMaker long?

I'm a noob coder.

One of the things that I'd like to buy playMaker for is creating a first person controller for a mech style game.  Part of the controller would allow you to rotate the top half of the mech at the waist a certain degree while holding down a button (still moving the original direction), and after releasing the button it'll "snap back" with a smooth motion to the original forward facing position.  Is that something that's possible with this?


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