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I'm trying to accomplish the following and keep falling short. Anyone have any suggestions on what the best approach to accomplishing what i've described below?

- I have 2 players in the game, each with a different character prefab.
- Each player competes to dig as many holes as possible.
- Holes are prefab game objects scattered throughout the scene with an FSM that reacts to each player differently.
- In order to dig a hole I'd like to require the player 1. trigger stay 2. press the Interact button and hold it for a specified wait period (3 seconds for example).
- Player can choose to let go of button or leave position to cancel the digging
- If other player or npc bumps player the digging task stops and restarts.
- Depending on which player digs the hole the sprite color and other variables (points) will be set. (don't worry at least i know how to set sprite...)

How can I require both the trigger and button press hold of a specific player?

I am using Corgi 2d (which offers no support for Playmaker but seems to play nice enough together with Playmaker.

I have ecosystem browser and plenty of common actions, but no coding or program experience.

Newb here... so go easy on me if this is obvious. I'd share what i've tried but i am falling asleep at the keyboard... hopefully i've described thing well enough that someone can steer me in the right directions.

PlayMaker Help / Set string based on GetTrigger 2d Info Value?
« on: April 05, 2021, 11:57:06 PM »
I'd like to set the value of a string variable based on the value of the Game Object Hit variable generated by Get Trigger 2d Info Value action.

Is there a way to call on that Object type variable and set that value as a string? Ideally via an FSM.

Pretty newb-ish over here, so go on easy on me if it's obvious.

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