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 what do you mean by globals, do you mean the playmaker global variables?

I assume it's yes, else please describe more in details.

Are you sure you don't have any errors, I would triple check the unity log of the apk produced by unity Cloud when running, because if one asset is causing trouble because of the upgrade, it will corrupt the logic execution in an unpredictable manner.



hi, yes global variables not work.
All globals variable work on editor but not work after PUN2 playmaker addon installed and cloud build apk.
eg: a string globals variable can't show on text UI.

hi, i have PM you a smiple testing project.
I notice that my Photon version is newer 2.33.3 and the addon only support 2.31
if it is cause the issue, I can't find a way to downgrade my Photon version.

PlayMaker: 1.9.2.f3
Unity: 2020.3.14f1
PUN2 playmaker addon from ecosystem.(Lastest version)
PUN2: 2.33.3

hi, I can't join the discord group. Unable to accept invite.

I know several people on the Discord Channel are using Pun2.
Maybe try asking there :)

Thanks you. I will take a look :).
but this problem also appear on a new project create with unity2020. I want playmaker staff to know this case.


hi, please use this project to test on cloud build.
link removed.

hi, i'm face a issue as the subject said.
i have PUN2 playmake addon installed to make my online game and it all work fine on unity 2019LTS.
and i upgrade the project to unity2020LTS. all globals are not assign with cloud build but work in editor and build-in building apk.
i use a week to test and find the problem it is being start when i use the PUN2 playmake addon installed.
if i can't solve the issue i been to hold my project or come back to 2019LST.
so i hope something help. thanks.

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