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Hey San,

Just wondering if you managed to get everything working ok?

Thanks for that Alex but unfortunately adding that line doesn't fix the errors.

Share New Actions / Re: DoTween Actions (DOTween v1.1.310)
« on: May 27, 2018, 07:17:07 PM »

I just downloaded these actions since the Doozy actions for Dotween are now broken in Playmaker 1.9.

Unfortunately, these actions are also broken in version 1.9, any chance of a fix?



Hey guys,

I just updated to Playmaker 1.9 I hit a wall of script errors when using Doozy Dotween Playmaker actions. Version 1.9 seems to have removed the definition for "Restart". Here's the console error I get on all the actions:

Assets/DOTweenPlaymakerActions/Actions/DOTween/DOTweenTransformLocalMoveX.cs(99,45): error CS0117: `HutongGames.PlayMaker.LoopType' does not contain a definition for `Restart'

I've sent an email to Doozy alerting them to the error. Is this something they can fix easily or is it an issue with version 1.9?



Hey San,

I think you might be confused as to how playerprefs work. They can only be and int, float or string value and each playerpref has a key used to identify it. The key itself is always a string and you can call it whatever you like.

So if your game has 5 levels and you want to save a high score for each level you would need to create a playerpref key for each of the 5 levels like this:
Level 1 = highScoreLevel_1
Level 2 = highScoreLevel_2

When you create a game and distribute it, say you make a game for iOS and release it on the app store, when someone downloads and plays the games there will be no playerprefs installed with the game. You will need to create each playerpref either when the game is first run or when the player enters the level. That's when you want to use the "PlayerPrefs Set Int" action. The best way to do this is with the "PlayerPrefs Has Key" action.

So the first time your game is run you check to see if there is the highScoreLevel_1 key in your playerprefs. If yes then you want to get the value and load it into an FSM int value called something like "highScore". If no then you want to use the PlayerPrefs Set Int action to create it.

When the player dies you want to compare the players score against the highScoreLevel_1 value. If their score is lower then do nothing, if it's higher you want to overwrite the high score with the score the player just achieved.

So, in short, you only need to get the high score playerprefs value when you first enter the level, then you save the players score ONLY if it is higher than the high score stored in playerprefs.

Does that make sense?



Hey San,

I think the problem you're having is the way you are using playerprefs.

The playerprefs key should be the name of the playerpref you want to use, in your case it should be something like: highScore

The value of the highScore playerpref should be the int of the high score.

I can see you are setting the int of your playerpref to 0 in the start state, if you do this it will overwrite the high score to 0 everytime you play the game. What you need to do is check if the key exists in your start state. If it does then move to the next state, if it doesn't then you need to create the highScore playerpref.

At game over you should get the playerpref value and compare it to the current score value. If the current score is lower than the high score do nothing, if it's higher then set the current score as the new high score.

As I suggested in an earlier post you should get yourself an asset that lets you view all the playerprefs in your project, this is something Unity should let you do without the need of an asset but what can you do  :-)

I've attached a simple scene that shows how this works, let me know if you it helps!




The playerprefs actions work fine, I think the problem is how you are implementing them into your game.

First thing I would suggest is picking up an asset that lets you view all playerprefs in your project. I personally use EasySave since you can extend the data you save into arrays. This asset might be overkill for your project so if you just want to view the playerprefs in your project then Advanced Playerprefs Window might be for you:!/content/7070

Next, you should experiment in a new scene to get playerprefs working the way you want. If you have only one high score per level this should be easy. If you have more than one score per level then you should consider using EasySave since that asset lets you save arrays. You can, of course, create an array variable and convert it to a string to save into playerprefs.

You need to create an FSM that compares the existing score in your playerprefs with the score that the player just achieved in your level. If the score is lower then do nothing, if the score is higher then set the new score to the playerprefs value.

Does this make sense? I agree with djaydino, you should not use globals when saving and loading scores.



Hey guys,

Yes the app has been created entirely with PlayMaker, i'm more than happy for you to tweet about it Jean!  :D

Experience with anatomy isn't essential, we are about to get some big custom jobs that I will need help with since i'm the only developer on the main app.

I have created an Android build and it works really well. The main concern with Android is lack of security so it probably won't be released on Google Play anytime soon. We have it running on a touch enabled smart TV that runs Android, this will be used by an educational organisation that teaches anatomy to primary school students.



General Discussion / Paid PlayMaker job - expressions of interest
« on: May 06, 2018, 05:48:49 PM »
Hello everyone,

I am the lead developer at 3DAnatomica Pty Ltd, we create medical visualisations apps for education and the medical industry. I use PlayMaker almost exclusively for all my development and i'm looking for fellow PM developers who would be interested in paid work in the near future.

We have released our first app on the App Store and are just gearing up to do a lot of custom work for clients. You can check out our app here:

We are based in Sydney, Australia but all work can be done remotely. If you're interested please contact me here: simong [at] 3danatomica [dot] com



PlayMaker Help / ARCORE?
« on: April 07, 2018, 08:59:33 AM »

Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with ARCORE for Android? If so, were you able to get it going with Playmaker?



PlayMaker Bug Reporting / Ecosystem on Unity 2018.1 beta
« on: February 24, 2018, 05:40:46 PM »

I've just been playing with Unity 2018.1 and the first thing I did was load up PlayMaker and then the Ecosystem.

When I do a search the results seem to be erratic. I try to find the "Float Remap" action and it says no results are found. I tried again later then it found a result.

Is this a known issue with the Ecosystem and the 2018.1 beta?



Share New Actions / Re: Google Daydream Actions
« on: December 09, 2017, 01:27:02 AM »
Hey everyone,

I just checked these actions again and I can see that the syntax has changed on Google's end so i've fixed all the actions and bundled them up again for you to enjoy!




I'm unable to download DataMaker from the Ecosystem, it throws the folling error in the console:

Code: [Select]
Could not get the json of this meta file
Net.FabreJean.PlayMaker.Ecosystem.<ProceedWithImport>c__Iterator0:MoveNext() (at Assets/net.fabrejean/Editor/PlayMaker/Ecosystem/EcosystemBrowser.cs:2789)
Net.FabreJean.UnityEditor.EditorCoroutine:update() (at Assets/net.fabrejean/Editor/Plugins/EditorCoroutine.cs:53)

Action Requests / Re: Unity-ARKit-Plugin
« on: October 28, 2017, 12:22:47 AM »
Hey Dan,

I finally had a chance to download and try out your actions. I can't get them to work :(

So I have a project with the ARKit package from Unity and PlayMaker only. I load up the UnityARKitScene.unity and create an empty object for the FSM to exist on.

I'm trying to use the Detect Hit action, I set the AR Camera and the reticle with a cube object. I've also setup the hit bool to return true when a surface is hit.

Nothing seems to happen, the bool never registers as true. This is the case in both the remote app and when I build the app to my iPad Pro.

Any help would be great!



PlayMaker Help / Re: Rotating child object towards parent
« on: October 24, 2017, 08:12:12 AM »

If the ship is the player you can use the input as the base for the jet rotation. Use the float remap action from the Ecosystem to remap the input value to a suitable rotation angle. I've done a similar technique in my spaceship game  :-)



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