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Playmaker Tips & Tricks / Re: Tips on Working with Prefabs?
« on: May 08, 2011, 12:20:37 AM »
I assume you're using the Apply and Revert buttons in the Inspector? What kind of changes do you make that a single Apply doesn't fix? Or do Apply/Revert not work as expected? Trying to understand how to improve the workflow...

I wonder if there's some visual indicator/warning that would help avoid the mistake. Or maybe a lock system - E.g., FSMs on prefab instances could be locked by default and you have to unlock them to edit them (could be a preference). Would something like that help?

Playmaker Tips & Tricks / Re: [Renamed] Camera+GUI for the Arch Viz
« on: May 07, 2011, 11:56:45 PM »
I'll add Scroll View actions to the TODO list. They should be pretty straightforward to make - very similar to BeginArea/EndArea.

Playmaker Help / Re: Performance Optimizations Help
« on: May 05, 2011, 05:52:07 AM »
Quick update. I sent Murcho a build that fixed this issue. He's now seeing a smooth 60 fps on iPad 1 :)

Fix will be in the next update...

I was playing with zoom a while back and got it 90% there, just needed some polish. But other features seemed more important... will dust that code off though at some point.

There's a preference to turn off Auto Adding the PlayMakerGUI Component. You can also use Enable GUI to enable/disable the component at runtime.

There is also some overhead to running the Playmaker editor, and unfortunately I don't know of a way to profile editor window code in Unity, so it's hard to optimize. But I'll take a look at some point - I'm sure there's some low hanging fruit :)

I might also add an option to enable/disable the editor window while running, so you can play the game without the overhead. As a workaround you could try hiding the Playmaker editor in a tab to disable it... that should work. Or create layouts with and without the playmaker editor so you can switch quickly.

Feature Requests / Re: SubFSM!
« on: May 04, 2011, 06:51:08 PM »
Hierarchical FSM support is on the roadmap, and will probably include some kind of reference graph ability as Jean describes.

We were considering this a 2.0 version feature, but we can take another look at it...

In the meantime I think organizing state machines hierarchically by breaking them up is still a good idea, and the PlayMakerGlobals component will make inter-FSM communication easier to maintain (e.g., easier refactoring of variables and events).

We're also toying with a project view editor window that shows FSMs and their connections visually, potentially giving you the benefit of hierarchical FSMs without complicating the FSM editor... it might be how we actually implement hierarchical FSMs.

General Discussion / Re: Selling PlayMaker Action packs
« on: May 01, 2011, 09:57:55 PM »
Sorry, missed this post...

We'd love to see action packs for PlayMaker in the asset store!

Some caveats:

The third party developer is responsible for all testing and support. Hutong Games does not intend to test third party actions.
The third party developer must take special care to not redistribute Playmaker dlls! (e.g., un-check include dependencies, and double-check the final package).
The third party developer can only use Playmaker/Hutong Games branding that comes from us - just shoot us an email...

We'd also love to get a copy of the actions to play with :)


Fixed in next update.

Feature Requests / Re: Global Variables
« on: May 01, 2011, 07:58:30 PM »
Take a look at the plan here:

I think you'll like it :)

I've added this as a task. Will probably be in the transition context menu: Link Style > Default, Bezier, Circuit, LockLeft, LockRight.

Those actions should cache the variable reference for better performance and reduced garbage collection - will fix this.

This will be in the next update as a preference to auto-frame the active state in the graph view. Also shortcut keys to frame the active/selected state, and to jump to the Start State (Home).

I'll look into this. I'm just using the standard EditorGUILayout.TextField, but maybe I'm doing something that breaks its behavior. Need to check how it behaves in a simple test case by itself...

My current plan for Global Variables is to have a PlayMakerGlobals component (similar to the meta data fsm approach Jean described). You could have multiple components in the scene, and you set their scope as either global to the scene or to the game object the component is on (and maybe children). This makes it easier for multiple FSMs on a game object to talk to each other (a common scenario) without cluttering up the whole scene. But if you have a few scene wide globals, you can do that to. Variables in scope would automatically appear in action dropdown lists. If you select a global variable, the UI will show a link to the relevant PlayMakerGlobals component (similar to the little target icon in the Unity inspector).

I'd also like to have actions that save/load the state of a PlayMakerGlobals component. So instead of a bunch of PlayerPrefs, you can just say Save/Load Globals and point to the component.

Not sure if I explained it well :P, but that's the plan... it feels like a good fit with Unity's scene/game object/component approach, and should work well with prefabs etc.

Oh, and this component (or one like it) would handle global events too.


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