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Playmaker Help / Re: Bad rotation value
« on: August 26, 2014, 02:23:28 PM »
maybe per second and every frame together make it a bit over 90?

rigidbody 2d settings on component.

either put gravity scale to 0, or tick is kinematic, and read more about it on unity docs

first of.... go into play, and when you see bullet spawning, hit pause. then click on that bullet, hit resume and check its movement FSM.

and pay attention if it will go from movement state into self destruct state.
im suspecting it wont, so here is ur problem, with colliders.
report back with ur problem, and how colliders are set up on bullets, and rigidbodies and on enemy too

most of times, its problems with colliders, they need rigidbody 2d on it most of times, or collision detection settings changed

im in a bit of a pickle.

im starting video tutorial series about top down 2d shooter, but im having problem with shooting part.

for moving im using "get axis vector" which i then convert into vector2 and "set velocity 2d".

and then i use this vector2, and using it for shooting.

shooting is done with raycasts. i use raycast 2d, and for direction, i use "vector2".

everything works great and i can shoot when i am moving.
but when i am not moving, vector2 gets set to 0,0.  so obviously raycast direction then is 0,0 and that is a problem since it doesnt send raycast to any direction.

so how can i set raycast2d into direction where player was going before he stopped.

i tried setting vector2 variable, into another vector2 variable...
i also tried using vector2 compare, to compare when vector2 is 0,0 and then do something.

but i just cant figure out... im sure there is some simple way that i am not seeing...

basically vector2 has all of these values: 0,1  1,1   1,0   0,0   -1,0   0,-1  -1,1  1,-1  -1,-1
so yes, player can go into 8 directions, plus 0,0 which is standing still.  like i said, im having problem with standing still....

lets say player was going into direction 1,0  which is to the right.  so vector2 value would be 1,0.
and if player would want to shoot, bullets would go into 1,0 direction. which is to right. but the problem is when player stops, and his vector2 goes to 0,0. but player is still facing right. so if he wants to shoot then, he cant because vector2 is 0,0.
so how can i set vector2 variable back to whatever value it was before it reached value 0,0 ???

Part 3

Playmaker Tutorials / Re: Official Tutorial Request Thread
« on: August 21, 2014, 12:38:06 PM »
i've looked at trello for this tutorials, and im actually doing Playmaker and Unity 2D tutorial series, for free on youtube.

you can follow series here:
right now im recreating Tic Tac Toe game.

Admins & Mods, can you add this link to ur trello? so people that will click on that card in trello to upvote, will see my link there and check this tutorials out?
thanks alot if you do this ;)

later on im actually planning on doing playmaker and photon tutorials.

Part 2 of new tutorial series for beginners in Unity 3d game engine, with Playmaker addon.

We will continue working on our Tic Tac Toe game. We will wire all 9 slots and then we will look into boolean variables and some logic's such as if statements.

Hey all,

i decided to scratch my idea about paid tutorials, but rather focus on free and donation system.

so here is first part of this new tutorial series where we will be resurrecting retro games, one by one, in playmaker :)

starting with tic tac toe.

I am already filming part 2 and i would appreciate if you guys looked at this video, maybe gave me some likes and shares, and feedback on what to improve.

well i was actually thinking the same... the only problem for me is... youtube monetization is not available for my country (slovenia)

so right now im researching for loopholes... i think i will stick with youtube, and patreon for donations.

im pausing this series for now, and im starting a way better series:

Beginner Tutorials with Unity & Playmaker - Retro series - Tic Tac Toe - Part 1

where we will be resurrecting retro games, one by one, in playmaker :)

Playmaker Help / Re: RTS building placement how?
« on: August 09, 2014, 07:56:07 AM »
interesting project, and i wish to offer my help with this, since i have been planning on making something like this for a long time, i just never got around to doing it (since it is not so simple obviously)

you have skype? you can add me and maybe we can brainstorm a bit and solve problems together, and if we cant find solution, we post it here. my username: bizilux

anyways i have Rotorz tile system,!/content/3344
and i wanted to make this grid snapping with it, i think its very suitable for it, but like i said, i just never got around to doing it.

i do not have this one: grid framework!/content/4004
but did you check it out? im reading that it works with playmaker, and maybe this is what we need for the sake of cutting corners?

although ofcourse its best to develop everything on ur own, to have total control, it just takes a bit more time.

Work In Progress... / WIP -- Beginner Visual Programming Tutorial Series
« on: August 09, 2014, 06:02:20 AM »
Hello everyone!

I'm starting paid visual programming tutorial series for beginners.

There will not be a single line of code written, all will be done with Playmaker. There will be small price for whole tutorial series ($50). This is the first introduction video of the series, and it is free (second one too). (First part will be about 10 videos, all parts together around 50 videos)

This is just introduction video, explaining everything that will be done in first part of series. Whole series will consist of 3-4 parts.

Anyways, i would appreciate if you guys would look at the video, even if you arent interested in this tutorial series, because i would like some constructive feedback.
I dont really have experience in making tutorials, i just like doing it alot. I know that my english could be a bit better, and a few words such as "SO" ruin it a bit, but we got to start somewhere.

Playmaker Help / Re: NGUI slider + Playmaker help
« on: August 05, 2014, 10:40:58 AM »
you can try using:  convert float to int
and then underneath it,  convert int to float

this should solve it

hey jean. thanks for answer. i was hoping you will chip in and help me :)
unfortunately i am on vacation this week on sea. and i do have unity with me but internet connection is too slow to test photon. so i will report back next week when i try this from home :)

Hey all...

so im in the process of creating quite large beginner video tutorial series, few hours atleast. it will not be free however, but it will be affordable. (im thinking something in the range of 50$ right now)

tutorial will explain everything as project continues. so that user learns by doing it. i think that is very important, atleast for me, that is the easiest way to learn.
it will be aimed at total beginners with unity3d aswell as playmaker, but as tutorial progresses, it will get more advanced ofcourse.

selling point of this tutorial will be "Create a functional game with zero lines of code and publish it to androids, for total beginners in unity3D and gamemaking industry. You dreamed of creating games, now you can start taking action!"

first part of tutorial series covers just making normal 3D pong, and very basic AI. basically replicating that famous first pc game that started it all. ofcourse with basic main menu (unity GUI)

second part will be about making Battle Pong. this mode will have powerups. (grow/shrink paddle, fasten/slow ball, invert controls, slow/fasten paddle, reverse ball movement, zig-zag ball)
so this part will cover how to add all these powerups.

third part will be Photon multiplayer integration. user will learn how to add photon to your own project and how it works and how to make multiplayer game with it.
i am still working on that part and fixing all the bugs.

fourth part will cover some other stuff such as 4 player pong, adding multiple balls, making android and iOS builds (actually maybe not iOS builds, since i dont own mac at the moment) and different aspect ratios on phones, and probably some other stuff?

any suggestions or thoughts about this?

do you think i could get discount links to buy playmaker at lower price? lets say 50$ or something like that. that way i could also try and get total beginners to gaming industry, and would probably sell alot more copies if playmaker was a bit more affordable

if i will sell atleast 20 copies of this tutorial, i will start making more tutorial series containing most popular retro games in one series (tetris, breakout, asteroids, snake, etc...)
then i also have in mind tutorial series for new unity GUI, once it comes out ofcourse :)

Playmaker Help / Re: NGUI slider + Playmaker help
« on: July 25, 2014, 05:56:38 PM »
NGUI slider goes from 0 to 1... this is NGUI framework.

so in order to get 120 as you want it, you would have to divide  1/120= 0.0083 would be one %.

lets make it 100 for sake of simplicity. you would use float variables. so if you wanted health to be on 5%, you would put in value 0.05, if you wanted it on 50%, you would put in 0.5

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