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well OnPress is not exactly what im looking for, since you need to press the button, i need hover over it...

see attachment, thats how i have it right now for OnPress, it works, but now how i want it... it works when its pressed, not when its hovered

Official Action Updates / Re: NGUI Integration (WIP)
« on: June 11, 2013, 01:41:03 PM »
can we get MOUSE EXIT function?

nevermind, i got it working with on hover, and then adding second on hover to hide it

thanks for that, im currently not doing that, but i guess i will need it further on :)

what im working on is radial menu, and i cant seem to find MOUSE EXIT function

because when i hover over buttons inside radial menu, i want them to display another set of buttons next to it, that works just fine, but now i cant deactivate those buttons again when mouse leaves the button... because theres no MOUSE EXIT function... :S

i tested this with cubes and it works, i just cant do it in NGUI :S

do you know how to write code for MOUSE EXIT and add it to that .cs script?


i did put this script on the button:  (more recent version)

but i just didnt know the last step, of replacing mouse down, with OnClick... or in my case, with NGUI / ON CLICK


i did the same thing, with 2 cubes, same FSM as before...

the cube deactivates and appears back just fine...BUT it just doesnt work with objects created with NGUI

whats wrong?

hey all

just started using ngui and playmaker...

i was following this tutorial
this guy creates buttons, and then uses activate game object action to enable and disable quest log and character window...
but i cant do the same... i do everything 100% the same, but just wont work...

so now i made new scene and wanted to make simplistic version, still wont work
(see attachment)

first state is "clicked" state, where i use system even transition, MOUSE DOWN
then second state is "open window" where i use activate game object, to deactivate background window.
but it wont deactivate it...

if i use a bit of debugging: playmaker just wont register the click and go on "open window" state...
even if i use MOUSE OVER transition, it still wont register it

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