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User Showcase / Re: After! New RPG game with 100% Playmaker
« on: December 30, 2013, 06:06:21 PM »

Looks good, voted up on greenlight ;)



To easy!

All i had to do was use the "Set Property"
and i got that by simply "dragging" the ACTUAL script component into FSM.

Disabled on use and re enabled when leaving the terminal..  AWESOME!!

Next stop - How to enable to mouse while there :p

PlayMaker Help / [SOLVED] disable mouselook ( like ingame options menu )
« on: December 30, 2013, 07:26:20 AM »
Scene/situation plan

FirstPersonPlayer walks up to a screen, Hits use and i get the popUp of the screen on the UI, player types something then clicks save, and walks away!


I'm using NGUI,Playmaker, NGUI scripts for PlayMaker.
FirstPerson controller from Unity standard assets.

What is working as intended
I walk up, get the 'press use button' and the pop up shows just fine,
when i cancel by walking away or exiting it closes just fine.


When the NGUI popup is active i want to disable "mouseLook" component in the player asset. Then enable normal mouse use.

And then ofcourse by cancelling disable mouse/re enable mouselook on the player.


If i where scripting this, i would maybe edit the player script itself to include something like this..
Code: [Select]
void Start ()
        noMouse = GetComponent<Mouse look>();
    void Update ()
            noMouse.enabled = !noMouse.enabled;

But then it could actually enable or disable when it should not,
so I'm trying to work this in from playMaker on the computer itself.

I was considering maybe use playmaker on the computer to set a globalVar and maybe add FSM to player just checking that globalvar constantly

The Computer

The Player component i want to change state on.


Well I'm not sure where to start to achieve this, so that's basically why I'm here.
Open to suggestions or better solutions to the same porblem.

;)  Vaupell

EDIT ADD : Just realized this is the same thing you would want to do
if you where to have a Ingame options menu.

ie. Hit esc/pause and being able to use the mouse there.

User Showcase / Re: Playmaker Platforming Starter Kit [UPDATE!]
« on: December 28, 2013, 10:10:51 AM »

That demo is great, only thing keeping my from buying right now is 2 actions
i would need.

In this demo they would/could show as

1 - pickup/drop the heart! (pickup/dropping objects)
2 - gribbing on a platform side.
(detect platform and hold on to it while key is pressed, either climb up after 1 sec, or fall down on release)

Other than that, it looks great

Share New Actions / Re: float round
« on: December 28, 2013, 09:25:34 AM »

Thank you, need this and found it VERY usefull, so it deserved a bump.

wonder why this old thing isen't in by default ;)


I noticed that you have Easy Touch implemented in your game, so i would like to ask, how did you make Easy Touch working with playmaker actions?

Very dirty build!
The game runs with playMaker as back end game controls
while Easy Touch is running on it's own.

I made it work by using Tags and layers, so the player is in a layer called Player
and all cross interactions are made with Tags and layers.

If(something here has TAG == "player") do stuff

if(something here has TAG == "controlCube") do stuff

So i never had to make them work together.

However, I might have to in the future. The same with the GUI
also a dirty fix, it's running it's own thing on the top layer and is running
on seperate scripts than playMaker.

Official Action Updates / Re: NGUI Integration (WIP) [NGUI 3.07 supported]
« on: December 27, 2013, 05:24:00 PM »

YES! why haven't i found this sooner.

Spend so many hours troubleshooting scripts for toggle and sliders
if i knew i could use playMaker for this..  damn..  <3 <3

Awesome work


NOTICE : The game will most likely not be updated.
A lot has been learned in the process. However a sequel might be an option.

I set out to learn my way around Unity, already had a fair knowledge of C# when
i began meaning i was no stranger to the entire setup unity presented.

I started out by reading some of the guides and notices on the Unity forum,
and when it was installed i went through all the tutorials available,
some faster than others.

Fell In love with Unity and found a Indie dev guide stating it was important to get your first game out FAST! so i did.

So after a completing the "roll a ball" tutorial series i thought this could be a fun game. So i took my tutorial project and improved on it, wrote a GUI, better controls and added various things to it, made some scripts to control level start
and level ending, goals etc. This was all before i learned about the asset store.

Then by pure randomness i stumbled over a video on youtube from Unity where the Asset store manager Caitlyn spoke about it and understod this is a must
 place to checkout, so i went.

Within my first login to the store i have Bought 2 assets, 1 android controller and a Tile mapping tool.
Now i actually had all the parts to make the game, besides my prototype map.

I made 8 levels to begin with and was looking into how to control unlocks and level GUI, and went back to the store and actually got 2 GUI assets.

Now i had everything i Thought, and I proceeded to set the game up and liked
what i saw..

Then i Stumbled over "playMaker" (the game changer)
Each level took before several hours to make and debug, troubleshoot, and scripting.
Now i just concentrated on the design and use playMaker to control the scripts and game.

This game has been using playMaker from level 8 and forward, and now i Cant imagine myself doing another Unity game without playMaker!  <3 <3

******* The game ********

Game is a learning curve of my progress with Unity and the levels kinda
indicate what i have been studying while making the levels, example
level area 3+ is a lot about lights and lasers, because that is what I'm working
on now.

Warning - game is "small" ad supported (bottom middle)

Roll a ball,
lvls 1,1-1,7 push crates to goals to unlock the exit
lvls 1,7-2,9 various puzzle solving
lvls 3,1-> Stealth, lasors, etc ;)

Is out on Android and can be found here -


Thank you Hutong Games for playMaker!



PlayMaker Help / Re: [SOLVED]RayCasting with playMaker
« on: December 23, 2013, 04:41:52 PM »

Well lol,,  no need to "reset" the vector3 a secound time,
Just by saving the initial coordinates in the Get pos, made it work.

So it was all about the coordinates.  LOL   foolish mistake.

Thanks anyway..

PlayMaker Help / [SOLVED]RayCasting with playMaker
« on: December 23, 2013, 04:30:06 PM »

Get a stationary turret to turn with a red lasor (line renderer)
And rayCast detect for tag "player"

Model, lineRenderer, rotation is working as intended.

However, raycasting is not.


Raycasting should go from center of turret "from position 'none'"
and to the INVISIBLE gameObject which is rotating around with the lineRenderer
and that is what im getting positioning from in steps 1,2 on the image below.
But raycasting is not initiated, and or not working, not sure.

Image explanation.>

Center with playMaker logo is the turret iself, just a model.
from the turret to the right "redish" line is the lineRendere. <----- NOTE!
the LineRendere is the one where i have the "raycasting FSM on,
and that is what is shown on Image.


1 - get current frame position of invisible gameobject marking "end of lasor"
1a saving the coordinates as eolx,eoly,eolz
2 - converting the coordinates into vector3 named eol
3 - initiate raycast from "none" i would exspect that to be model center/joint
4 - get the coordinates from pkt 3 and sets the direction, ignoring distance for now.
5 - enabled debug mode, which should draw, but nothing is drawn.

BTW - Those boxes are in the layer "testRay" so it should detect them.



So guys,  What do you think may be my major mailfunction here ?

I'm now going to move the entire FSM onto the model instead of the
lineRenderer, but don't think that would / should make any difference.

Im up for trying anything, even crazy ideas just let me know ;)

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