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PlayMaker Help / Start animation on random frame
« on: August 04, 2014, 11:37:42 AM »

I have a loop set up in the Animator window. I need the animation to start on a random frame each time it starts up.

Please help me figure this out with PM.

Thanks, anyone!

PlayMaker Help / Device Microphone action?
« on: June 19, 2014, 12:33:26 AM »
I had an idea for a mini game where blowing in the device mic would cause something to happen. Nothing under device actions to get a hold of the mic in playmaker, though. Would this be possible somehow, or would I need a custom action? I couldn't find much searching Unity forums. Not a big deal if this is not possible with the existing action library.
-Thanks for your consideration

I need help with breaking up a 3 digit int into 3 separate integers.
For example: myInt = 150
For my purpose, I need to get an int for each place value. So from 150 i'd like to get ints for 1 and 5 and 0.

Would this be possible at all with playmaker?

I'd like to get random items from an array list, but have different weights assigned to them, so rare items would be spawned less often. How would I be able to use a weight system or action with the list?

I'm getting this error: 'Prefab Name' AnimationEvent has no function name specified!
When I do a build the animation doesn't play but in the editor it plays fine.
Would someone know how I could track it down and solve this console error?
Thanks I just don't know what function name it means. Would that be something in the code? Screenshots:,0dysfC6#0

PlayMaker Help / Where is Unity 2d Prefab located?[SOLVED]
« on: April 15, 2014, 12:23:33 PM »
Getting this error: PlayMakerUnity2DProxy requires the 'PlayMaker Unity 2D' Prefab in the Scene.

The Playmaker Unity 2d package is already installed. How do I add the Playmaker Unity 2D Prefab in the scene? Where is that prefab located?


Hi, I'm making a puzzle game. I'd like to have a next piece in a cue before the actual piece is spawned. Like in Tetris. I'm using, Select Random Game Object, then storing it as a variable. I'd need to show an image of it and not the actual piece. In order to do that, I'd need to know what piece the variable is storing. Any Action I could use to find out what piece it has stored in the variable from Select Random Object? Or any other ideas would be great, Thanks!

PM comrades, I've set up a pool as mentioned in a mobile optimization thread. I have an empty Game Object and several children which are deactivated on start. Each of the children have 2d sprites and coliders. (EDIT: Found out the children have grandchildren that are also disappearing at runtime.) The first time I activate/place them in the scene they work great. When an FSM deactivates them and then reactivates them the second time, the sprites aren't showing up and grandchildren gone. The sprite remaining is active in Sprite renderer in the inspector, but the sprite is not visible. Any ideas of what could be happening?

I have a Game Object with a 2D collider. When it receives a touch input, it uses a Find Closest (with tag) to get a hold of the GO in its same world position and saves it as a varGO. Since I know where it is and don't need to "find" it, is there a more efficient way to get a hold of this object? - other than triggers, tried that and it's expensive for how many I need. Some kind of action like Get Game Object at Position (with tag)? That would be super useful since I want to limit Find Actions. Currently, I'm using it several times a second for various purposes. I'm not getting performance issues on my I7 PC with 12gRAM, but i'm worried about the effects it may have on phones. Just planning ahead. If you want me to come back when I actually have issues with phone testing, I will. Thanks for any ideas at all. :D

PlayMaker Help / Having problems with get and set position.
« on: March 27, 2014, 03:19:37 AM »
I need an object to move to a spot instantly. I'm trying to use get and set position. I want the owner to pop exactly in place of piecePositionGO, but it's setting the position off by roughly .1 in all vectors. Needs to be exact :/ Not sure why.
I was using iTween Move To and set the time to .01 since I just need it to jump to the position, which worked, but this seems a little overkill for a simple action. Apparently it's not so simple though.

PlayMaker Help / Ghosts of Global Events Past
« on: March 20, 2014, 09:05:58 PM »
In the Send Event Action, the rollout shows all my custom global events to send. This is super nice, but I deleted most of the global events in my project and started fresh and they still show up in that rollout menu. They remain and haunt me like ectoplasmic residue. But seriously, how can I clear that list so I don't have to scroll way down to find my new global events. Thanks!

PlayMaker Help / Layer mask with Touch Object 2D event?[SOLVED]
« on: March 16, 2014, 03:13:55 AM »
I'd like to try using the touch events for my puzzle game. I'm trying to figure out a way to have certain pieces (sprites) that are in range, touchable (play animation & do stuff) and pieces out of range are untouchable. Any ideas how to mask them like this?
I had the idea to do a layer mask. ie, set layer to ignore raycast if piece out of range. How could i do a layer mask with Touch Object 2D event? Or is there an even better way? Is the touch event even related to raycast? Thanks

I'm trying to send an event to 15 copies of the same object and effect them all at once. All of the objects have the same FSM. The only way I can think of sending it is to name them numerically i.e. clone_1 clone_2 clone_3 etc. (They don't need to be prefabs) and then have 15 send event actions.  But I would like to send them all at the same time if possible. Any ideas on how to send the event on them all at once with one action? I also tried making a global GO var and sending a global event to the global GO variable in hopes that all the game objects with that var would send,  but that only effected one random clone. Thanks for any ideas.

PlayMaker Help / Who called my fsm?[SOLVED]
« on: February 27, 2014, 01:13:17 AM »
Is there a way to get a handle on the game object that sent an event to another game object fsm and store it as a variable? For instance, A cube sends an event to a sphere to move toward the cube. I want to be able to save the cube as a Game Object variable in the sphere. Another analogy: A girl is walking down the street. A guy standing nearby calls the girl over. The girl says "Do I know you?"
The guy says "My name's Joe." The girl saves his info in her phone, so she can call him later. 

I made 4 global Variables and then when I assign them one of the names is changing to one of the names that already exists so I'll have 2 of the same Global Variables and the other one vanishes. I'm just assigning the variables to a game object and then sending an event with these variables. Not sure why it would change in my Global Variable list. Please help.  :-\

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