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I made 4 global Variables and then when I assign them one of the names is changing to one of the names that already exists so I'll have 2 of the same Global Variables and the other one vanishes. I'm just assigning the variables to a game object and then sending an event with these variables. Not sure why it would change in my Global Variable list. Please help.  :-\

Just got Master Audio plugin from Unity asset store which said that it's compatible with Play Maker. Are there special actions for Master Audio package? Where can I get the custom actions?

Is this possible to do with playmaker? I'd like to have a 2d circle collider and be able to have player run around on it's surface in players X axis.  Could i achieve this somehow with Set Gravity 2D action?  ::)

PlayMaker Help / Get Key Actions stopped working. [SOLVED]
« on: January 24, 2014, 04:12:52 PM »
Get key down, and up, aren't sending my Event. Mouse button sends the event just fine. Mouse button is only one that works when I use Get Any Key. The key actions worked a few hours ago and I must be missing something simple. Help please :-\

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