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Hey all,

Does anybody else find that if they use Get Axis Vector to drive their character movement, that when both Horizontal and Vertical inputs are used (say to move diagonally) that the two are combined, so you end up with diagonal movement being twice as fast as either component independently?

Is there a known solution to combating this?

Hello all,

I've created a first person character controller for myself using Get Axis Vector and Controller Simple Move on the character object and Mouse Look on the main camera.

Of course this setup isn't joystick-friendly.

Is there a best practice way of mapping right joystick inputs on a standard XBox Controller to the camera orientation, in tandem with the Mouse Look?

I assume this is a common enough question, but I've done some searching on the forums without much luck.

Any advice most welcome!

Hello again,

I'm using Get Axis Vector to drive my player in concert with Controller Simple Move.

I've been passing through the Store Magnitude float to an Animation Controller to control when to switch a movement animation on and off on my player model.

However I'm unable to differentiate between forward and backward movement - the float is always positive.

What is the best way to perform this check using the standard first / third person setup?

Hello all,

I've adapted the basic third person character controller setup to work as a first person player:

"Get Axis Vector" and "Controller Simple Move" on the parent player object, "Mouse Look" on the Main Camera child object.

What I also want is to have an animated player body.

I've placed a character mesh as the child of the player parent object and added a Mechanim Animator Controller and animation to it. I'm passing the "Get Axis Vector" Magnitude float to the Anim Controller to switch between Idle and Moving animations.

What I'd like to do is have the player model turn and animate according to left and right turns as driven by the camera. I'm updating the rotation of the player mesh to match the camera rotation, so I get a shopping trolley turn effect right now.

If I want to check changes in rotation to the Main Camera what is the best way to achieve this?

Any assistance greatly appreciated!

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