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PlayMaker Help / Re: Joypad input for controlling GUI
« on: September 04, 2014, 08:57:29 AM »
Heh. And no you're not allowed to just tell me to download NGUI. Although I sure am tempted.

PlayMaker Help / Joypad input for controlling GUI
« on: September 04, 2014, 08:56:49 AM »

I've managed to pull together a really nice mouse-controlled user interface by making use of Unity's GUISkin object and PlayMaker's GUI actions.

However I'm having some trouble figuring out how to control the GUI using a joypad. Specifically I don't know how to swap between which button has focus based on joypad inputs.

I've been having a search of old threads without much success. Does anybody have any advice for how to achieve this?

PlayMaker Help / Re: PlayMaker Animator Action obsolete..
« on: September 02, 2014, 11:25:47 AM »
Just upgraded myself and am getting this error. Did it get fixed?

PlayMaker Help / Re: [SOLVED] Draw Texture anomaly
« on: July 09, 2014, 09:07:43 AM »
I figured it out.

The position coordinates define the top left edge of the GUI texture. I have to deduct half it's relative width from the position for the texture to be centred.

For the reticule sized 0.005x0.005 I use screen position 0.4975x0.4975.
For the reticule sized 0.05x0.05 I use screen position 0.475x0.475.

This seems to have aligned everything perfectly.

PlayMaker Help / [SOLVED] Draw Texture anomaly
« on: July 09, 2014, 08:21:26 AM »
I'm encountering an anomaly when using Draw Texture to change my in game reticule between 2 states.

I have 2 GUI textures defined, both 64x64.

I draw them both to 0.5 left / 0.5 top, normalised, so that they'll appear in the screen centre. And I swap between them contextually.

One texture is scaled to 0.005 size, the other to 0.05 size.

The first displays completely correctly. I can tell this because it's on screen position matches the target of a ray I cast out of the camera. The second texture however always appears offset slightly to the right of the screen centre.

I've tried changing the source texture itself, both centring the graphic in the middle of the image and left and right justifying it. Nothing seems to fix it. The second reticule is always offset from the first.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

PlayMaker Help / Re: Head Look Controller
« on: July 09, 2014, 04:54:44 AM »
Ah! I played around with the Unity controller a little more and got it working really nicely.

I copied the values out of the tutorial as a default and suddenly my character sprang to life:

I'm using PlayMaker in conjunction with this, with a FSM to Get Position on my game camera and Set Property to feed the target XYZ into the Head Look Controller.

I'll be adding some additional controls to define a trigger radius around the NPC to toggle the head look on/off and swap the NPC into an idle suitable for head looking.

I might keep this thread open just in case there is a holistic PlayMaker approach to this problem.

PlayMaker Help / Head Look Controller
« on: July 08, 2014, 12:37:09 PM »
Hello all,

I'm in the process of researching building a head look controller for our NPCs, so they can turn to face the player character when the player is within a certain range and angle of the NPC.

I've started off by looking at Unity's own Head Look Controller which appears on their site:!/content/4

I've yet to get it to work, but I'll carry on playing with it.

I just wondered if there was a PlayMaker-based approach for this kind of thing. I'm okay with C#, but much more confident with state machines.

Having looked at Unity's Mechanim tutorial and some of the IK-based approaches to solving things like animations driven by Oculus head tracking, I get the impression this would be easy to solve using the Mechanim Avatar system.

Unfortunately we're not using Avatars right now. And I think it risks being a time sink changing our workflow.

Any advice gratefully received. I'm going to carry on my experimentation and research in the meantime.

Thanks for your time!

User Showcase / Re: 'Virginia', an interactive drama
« on: July 03, 2014, 05:28:46 AM »
Thirty Flights is definitely a big inspiration for us. Can't wait to show more!

User Showcase / Re: 'Virginia', an interactive drama
« on: July 02, 2014, 10:49:02 AM »

User Showcase / 'Virginia', an interactive drama
« on: July 02, 2014, 06:02:59 AM »

So yesterday we properly announced the name of the game I've been subtly referencing these past few months:

I hope you like the look of it! It's already attracting some press attention, which is exciting:

I should add, in case it wasn't already obvious, that the bulk of the game scripting and logic is powered by PlayMaker. Your technology has been entirely invaluable, guys. Not to mention your assistance on this forum. We very literally couldn't have done this without you. Thank you.

Thanks, Alex. That totally fixed it!

I've done some more experimenting. So if I don't call "Camera Fade In" at all then at the moment when I reposition the game camera the full screen black effect is removed. Which seems odd.


In my game I'm using "Camera Fade Out" / "Camera Fade In" to mask repositioning the game camera.

I wait until the fade is complete before using "Set Position" / "Set Rotation" on my game camera. But even so during the transition I get a brief blip where the full screen black effect vanishes and I can see the transition occur. After which "Camera Fade In" works as expected.

Does anyone know what might cause this?

I think I should apologise for the self-promotion. I just wanted to create some awareness for our studio. We're a relatively new indie collaboration using PlayMaker and Unity to put together our first title. You may have seen me around the boards asking for help from time to time.

We currently have an interview up on

I did talk up PlayMaker when I originally did the interview, but I think I ended up talking for so long that the bit on tech got cut. Which is a shame. Still I'll keep mentioning you guys if we have the chance to do any other press!

General Discussion / DFGUI actions errors on Unity 4.5
« on: May 27, 2014, 05:37:54 AM »

Hello everyone,

I notice that Unity 4.5 is out.

Does anybody know whether it's safe to upgrade or will it break PlayMaker compatibility?

I assume, as always, it's safer to wait and be certain than jump the gun and find out for the worse.

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