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can anyone please tell me how i reset a ngui scroll panel and everything it contains to their original positions when activated/deactivated?

what im trying to do is have all the ngui panels deactivated then activate them when needed.

However i have store items in scroll panels that, if for instance, i scroll some items, then deactivate the panel and then reactivate it, all the buttons, labels etc etc are all messed up in the wrong positions.

i guess i would like to reset the panel to how it was at the start of the game every time its activated or deactivated.

looking on ngui forums i found this SpringPanel.Begin() or ResetContentPosition() but how do i do that/use that with playmaker please?

many thanks.

PlayMaker Help / Will "uPhysics" work with playmaker?
« on: August 22, 2014, 08:21:22 AM »
Hi all

I have a question regarding the asset store plugin 'uPhysics'.!/content/13241

if i buy this app and simply use their colliders etc instead of unity's colliders (to speed everything up and achieve better performance) will all the playmaker actions still work as usual? (triggers, collisions, etc etc etc...)

Im building a game for ios/mobile that has quite a few moving objects, all with colliders/rigidbodies that are simply hammering the frame-rate, even after all optimizations i know of.

This uPhysics app seems like it will fix the issue but with my entire game made with playmaker im not sure if it will work as normal if i simply switch out the colliders etc with uPhysics?

Any help would be most appreciated.

Many thanks


Share New Actions / Re: Activate / Deactivate Multiple Game Objects
« on: August 16, 2014, 02:59:16 PM »
has this action been updated yet? its so handy and time saving. or been added to the standard action set?


Share New Actions / Re: Physics ignore collision
« on: August 07, 2014, 03:44:25 PM »

 Following a request, please find an action to ignore collisions between two colliders. useful when firing projectile and ignore the character that fired.



hi Jean,

i could really use this action right now but it isn't working for me, the collisions still happen. Please can you let me know if this is up to date and should it work with unity 4.5?

many thanks

PlayMaker Help / Re: Array list distribution random
« on: May 31, 2014, 07:17:45 AM »

 this week is looking very busy, but can you come back to me before the end of this week and I'll do a sample.

basically, you duplicate your deck of card array, then you delete each entry that you pick as you distribute the cards, that's all there is to it.



Hi jean

did you manage to do the sample for this? if so could you please post as im trying to figure this out now.

many thanks


Edit: no worries ive done it. maybe for someone else though.

Feature Requests / Re: Unity words
« on: May 26, 2014, 09:29:57 AM »
I'd like some unity words to go alongside the playmaker ones.  So like create object would be 'create object (instantiate)'.  Sometimes I look for stuff and can't find out cause the terminology is different.  Also, for Booleans, instead of a check box, I'd like to have 2 radio buttons (one on and one off).  While I'm at it, I'd like to get stranded on a desert island with the dallas cowboy cheerleaders.

all of the above^^^^^

The flexibility of Playmaker is that it allows you to create complex code situations without any knowledge of how to code. If I had to wait for someone to create specific project code that I needed I'd never have made any progress on my project. Is it the most efficient way to handle it versus "true programming?" absolutely not. Can you solve these sort of problems without any additional code support, yes. At the end of the day, no one will care about your project or programming needs more then you. Better to develop the habit as much as possible now to solve your issue (even if it isn't the most effective way), and then if someone creates something easier to use that.

you shouldn't have to find crazy workarounds(and in this case there wasnt one, yours didnt work for me). playmaker isnt cheap, i feel the least they should do is try to have the actions for any scenario, or someone on standby ready to write them if not.

"Artists and Designers: Realize your creative vision without coding! Unlock the power of Unity. "

playmaker is all about the actions obviously,

What you want is technically possible now, but will require you to organize your FSM in a specific way. If you want to add objects at runtime into an array, when you spawn them, just use the Array Add playmaker action on them.

This may indeed be the best way in PlayMaker, but PoolManager users have access to members (prefabs and instances) of any pool, anytime, through the static access: PoolManager.Pools[...].... This information may or may not help  ;)

this is what i was talking about. i couldn't for the life of me see why a action couldn't be made to access the pool using Poolmanager.Pool and pick a random prefab or instance to spawn.

Rafe i know poolManager can do this, but i cant code too much, thats the whole reason for me using playmaker, which is amazing, but when i hit a problem like this im relying on someone else to make the action and it just doesnt/didnt happen and ive watched many other people have similar problems on here.

i'm sure playmaker is making a ton of money, so why not hire another person just for writing actions for all plugins/scenarios that arise? i know they have jean but if you see the trello list hes got loads to do, too much for one person possibly.

Hi Rafe,

This is Paul. I just emailed Jean regarding this. Yes my game worked fine with the standard playmaker actions using create and destroy, but when i tried to do it using the pool manager actions it was impossible.

all it needed was an action making, i needed a 'select random object from poolManager pool’ action and with the option to store it in a var to spawn later using pool manager spawn action, just like you can with the standard playmaker action selectRandomObject. but no-one did!

i even requested an action in the request action section of this forum but got blanked on there as well.

The standard playmaker logic isn't fully aware of Arrays, because ArrayMaker is an add-on to the Playmaker tools. Thus, the need for special actions. Assuming you have the added ArrayMaker actions you could use "Array List Get Random" to find a random object.

hi. your idea sounds perfect and yes i have arraymaker actions installed, 'but' how do i get the instances that are created at runtime (in the pool, using poolmanager) 'into' an array list to then use ArrayListGetRandom?

once i figure that part im good to go.  :)

thanks again for your help.

Action Requests / select random game object from pool and store
« on: May 19, 2014, 04:26:27 PM »
i would be really grateful if someone could make (as the title says) a 'select random game object' from a poolmanager pool with the option to store in a game object variable ready to be spawned as and when.

i guess it could be exactly like the standard playmaker action 'select random game object', but instead of it selecting from the objects you define in that action it selects a random object from the pool.

many thanks in advance if anyone can do it.


sorry but i dont get you. the objects in the pool (instances of the prefabs) get created at runtime, so how do i get those objects in the pool into an array list? which action would do that?

sorry again but i am quite new to all this and i haven't really used arrays before, just learning as i go.

isnt it easy to edit the standard playmaker action 'select random object' and instead set it to select a random object from the pool?

You could build an FSM system that basically gets a list of all viable object types from one ArrayList, and then gets a random position from another Arraylist to spawn it to.

hi. but how would that be accessing the objects from the pool?

hi all

so i built my game whereby i spawn random game objects at a random position using the playmaker action selectRandomGameObject, store that object in a variable and spawn that variable at a random position. All was well until i built to IOS and found doing it that way killed the fps, so i just went and bought pool manager5 now (well decided to buy the full package actually Pool, Target, Constrain Bundle), anyway after installing the playmaker actions i cannot figure out how to do this using pool manager/playmaker.

could there not be an equivalent pool manager action to the selectRandomGameObject standard playmaker action, selectRandomGameObjectFromPool with the option to store that object in a variable and spawn where you want later? and/or spawnRandomObjectFrompool action?

could any super-brain out there make one/them? i cant code (hence why im using playmaker). surely this action will come in handy to so many users?

hope i haven't just wasted my money :(

any help would be greatly appreciated



edit: i found the attached actions on another thread The "PmtSpawnMany" is the random spawn action im looking for but they aren't working in their current state, can someone fix them please?

edit: fixed the above actions but they are not what i'm looking for. they just spawn multiple, not random.

hey Alex

yeh i found the vid last night, just what i needed!



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