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hi all

so i built my game whereby i spawn random game objects at a random position using the playmaker action selectRandomGameObject, store that object in a variable and spawn that variable at a random position. All was well until i built to IOS and found doing it that way killed the fps, so i just went and bought pool manager5 now (well decided to buy the full package actually Pool, Target, Constrain Bundle), anyway after installing the playmaker actions i cannot figure out how to do this using pool manager/playmaker.

could there not be an equivalent pool manager action to the selectRandomGameObject standard playmaker action, selectRandomGameObjectFromPool with the option to store that object in a variable and spawn where you want later? and/or spawnRandomObjectFrompool action?

could any super-brain out there make one/them? i cant code (hence why im using playmaker). surely this action will come in handy to so many users?

hope i haven't just wasted my money :(

any help would be greatly appreciated



edit: i found the attached actions on another thread The "PmtSpawnMany" is the random spawn action im looking for but they aren't working in their current state, can someone fix them please?

edit: fixed the above actions but they are not what i'm looking for. they just spawn multiple, not random.

hey Alex

yeh i found the vid last night, just what i needed!



Hi all

so here's the problem.

1. i instantiate/instance/create a object from a prefab,
2. i want to then at some point freeze constraints of that instance when a button is pressed, so i do a set property action (rigidbody/freeze constraints) on the prefab which (as im lead to believe) should work fine at runtime.

now heres the problem, at runtime, i press the button but the freeze constraints doesnt work on that instance,

its only after that instance has been destroyed and a new one created that the freeze constraints then works (without the button being pressed again),  because when that following instance is created its locked in place and when i look at the inspector, the freeze constraints check-marks for that object have been turned on so its definitely getting through, (just not on the object straight away as its supposed to, only on the following instance). cant understand why.

anyone know why and how to fix?

many thanks.

...OK to simplify this, please can someone tell me how i set the constraint (freeze and unfreeze) property of an instantiated/instanced (from a prefab) object at run-time?

i cant for the life of me figure it out and this should be so easy...sigh...


hi Jean,

Im trying to get my head arround ArrayMaker, i can see how powerful it is but i wish there were a tutorial.

Anyway Im trying to create a game object at the position of all objects with a certain tag.

so for example i want a button to be pressed and all bombs, missiles etc with that tag will be destroyed (i have figured that part with destroyObjectsByTag) but then at that same position (using the tag) of all those objects i instantiate a puff of smoke (for example) as soon as they are destroyed.

so i guess the action would be createGameObjectsAtTagPosition ?

many thanks for any help you can offer with this.

and can i just say Jean, you have saved my backside on 'many' occasions from your past answers. playmaker wouldn't be anywhere near as good if it wasn't for you.


Bumpity Bump!

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