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General Discussion / Hello Looking For Help
« on: December 01, 2015, 03:18:29 PM »
Hey All, I have been using unity for quite some time now and have grown fond of it. I do realize games can be made solo but I feel that having a team is a much better option for me as I have been developing my projects. So at this time I am looking for someone who is familiar with Unity and Playmaker. I have a good amount of experience with Playmaker and am able to create pretty much anything I want with it and so comes the point of collaborating with someone that has the same mind-state and experience.

For any who are interested in working with me Skype me @ SkypeID: Xardyon0

I will have a website going up soon to show off the various projects that I have created in Unity.

General Discussion / Need Action for Unity UI
« on: November 28, 2015, 09:36:10 PM »
Hello All. I was wondering if there was anyone who could write an action to do an OnCancel like the OnClick button action for the Unity UI. From what I know there is a submit, cancel, etc. in the event trigger. I'm looking for an action that does what the cancel function does like in the event trigger component. Thanks in advance

Work In Progress... / Looking for Help ! ! !
« on: October 02, 2015, 07:08:07 PM »
First and foremost thank you for taking the time to visit EVERWONDER. We are a small 2 person indie team building a tremendous experience with EVERWONDER. EVERWONDER is a Semi-Open World RPG with an influence of some of the great JRPG titles. Our aim and interest is to deliver a compelling story with elements that drive the game play to different levels of enjoyment. The elements of EVERWONDER work as small gears driving the machine and when playing it the advantage of this allows you to unlock game play through your personal preference of play. Alyaes Our Protagonist is an enjoyable Care-free wanderer that will capture your heart, from being the underdog in certain situations to completely responding to a any given scenario unexpectedly. So come join us make something special for the new generation of games. ;)
This project is a work of passion and don't have funds to supply to multiple individuals upfront. If and I stress if the campaign is a success we can discuss Royalties or compensation for work provided.
Above Link for Pre-Alpha Build as of August. More has been done since then.
Site will be down until July 1st.

Needed Positions:
-Mainly a Playmaker Artist (Knows how to use Playmaker)
-Level Designer
-Texture Artist
-Sound Engineer

Mind you I can do these Talents but having an extra hand in the fields helps out tremendously. Thanks

Game-Play Videos coming Soon....

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