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I've written to the Cinemachine people but they have not written back.

I really just need to know how to set the property shown in the picture below. As long as I can get and set that property, I can make all this work. Currently going from 1st person to 3rd person resets the Axis Control > Y Axis > Value to 0, and there are so many values in the Cinemachine script I cannot locate it with Get/Set Property.

I am not blending between the cameras but just switching instantly. All I need is to know how to get and set these values. I've tried dozens of variables in Get/Set Property, but NONE seem to affect this value.

the problem is, if the mouse is not locked to the game window, I can't clamp the mouse movement to prevent it from leaving the screen. it functions outside of any playmaker actions or the game itself, like a windows-os-level input. but if the mouse IS locked to the game screen, it stays in the center and does not move around the screen at all.

I have even tried creating a fake mouse pointer image on the canvas, somehow move it around the screen based on mouse input... but that only works if the mouse is not locked. if the mouse is locked, I can't move the mouse around onscreen to get its location OR get its movement delta floats.

but surely there's a better way than faking a mouse pointer on screen and feeding real mouse movement into it?

I tried a "Set Mouse Confined" action, but this seems to just lock it. I was hoping "confined" meant it could still move within the screen, but no, confined and locked seem to do the same thing - freeze the mouse pointer in the center of the game window.

I tried the Get Mouse Movement Delta action, which DOES store the actual movement amounts if I move the mouse... BUT, only if the mouse is NOT locked, which defeats the whole purpose. I can't for the life of me figure this out, how to make the mouse move on the game window while not moving outside it. It should be so simple.

If we just ignore VR for now, it would still really help to have an action to make buttons "notice" and save the hovered button object when the mouse is hovering over them. A ray casting action. I don't plan to make VR for a long time, so I can figure that out later.

But Unity UI already seems to "notice" what button is hovered, since it becomes brighter/highlighted, depending on the button's settings. Surely there is a way we can just "grab" that information from the UI system?

(edit) i removed questions related to vr hot swapping, which I'll ask about some other time.

hey thanks. will this work in non-VR as well? my game is primarily not in VR, but I want to add VR support later, so I need it to work on a normal monitor.

Hello. My menus use the Unity UI Canvas and event system. in order to use the mouse in this system, I must UNLOCK the mouse upon entering the menu. I have the mouse locked while walking around in 3d 3rd person mode to move the camera, this way the mouse doesn't fly out of the game space.

But if the mouse is locked while in the menus, the visible cursor sticks to the center of the screen and cannot move around.

So therefore I must unlock the mouse upon entering menus, so the player can use the menu with their mouse But this means their mouse can now fly out of the game screen, only while in menus.

Is there some way to prevent the mouse from leaving the game screen, but allowing the pointer to move around freely within  it?

Pro games do this all the time. Resident Evil 2 remake, for example, allows you to move the mouse all around your inventory, but it still will not go outside the edge of the game screen while you are in those inventory menus.

Surely there is a way to do this? Does this need a special action or something?

PlayMaker Bug Reporting / Re: GetComponent Causes Lag
« on: March 11, 2020, 11:58:56 AM »
To be clear, GetComponent causes lag of the FSM editor while NOT in Play Mode. Perhaps it is expensive at run time, but should it also be expensive to 'exist' inside an fsm in the editor?

I mean using the UI event system. A raycasting action would be very useful if you are able to do it. Are you saying I would need to put the raycasting action in a script on every UI element, or would the action you propose circumvent the need to put a script on each element?

Also, playmaker is awesome!

My menu has a grid of 40 icons you can hover over, and I want the description text box to update once you do so.

If I have a raycasting action, I guess it can raycast often since we're in menus and performance is not a problem?

I'm using a screen space menu, but I do eventually want it to work in VR by existing in world space in front of you, depending on if you have a headset connected. Will a raycast action work for both?

PS. What's weird is, the icon boxes already get brighter when I hover over them. So it's already somehow KNOWING what I'm hovering over with the mouse. (using the Hovered/Selected/etc. colors on the Button script.)

I read somewhere about "adding a script to the event system" to detect the mouse over. is that helpful for the action?

The closest I can find is "UI Is Pointer Over UI Object", which sends events when I move the cursor around my menu, but I can't find any action for "get hovered game object under mouse". Surely I am missing something simple?

Feature Requests / Re: Hash tables, but a grid?
« on: December 07, 2019, 11:15:44 PM »
thanks. is there some special list of proper naming conventions, or is it a project by project thing? if you can point me to the naming conventions you consider proper, I'll  make adjustments because that sounds useful.

Also, is this "resources" thing how I could let players load asset bundles, ie mods?

Action Requests / Get/Set Environment Lighting Gradient Colors[SOLVED]
« on: December 07, 2019, 11:10:06 PM »
Sky Color, Equator Color, and Ground Color. I need to be able to retrieve and set these. The closest I can find existing already is "Get/Set Ambient Light". But that doesn't allow me to choose which part of the Environment Lighting Gradient to affect.

I need to set all three colors uniquely: Sky Color, Equator Color, and Ground Color.

Feature Requests / Hash tables, but a grid?
« on: November 22, 2019, 08:32:36 AM »
Hello. It would be great to have hash tables that have more than one column per key. For example, in my game I have 100 item prefabs, and an icon for each. Currently I must have a giant hash table containing all prefabs, and a second Icon Hash table containing all icons. Now that I'm splitting the prefab hash into 26 hashes, one for each letter, to make it less clunky to alphabetically add new items, it means I might want to do the same for icons, meaning I'll have twice the number of hash tables since each "type" will need its own.

But if I could have one giant grid (honestly like a SQL table that can store item prefabs, sprites, etc.) then my life would be glorious.

I currently use SimpleSQL to retrieve item strings from database files, and it makes my like SO much better, but unfortunately SQL tables are not "in Unity" so they can't contain Prefabs, sprites, etc.

What is the best way to currently handle this? When I said my game has 100 items, I lied. it actually has 400 and counting, and that's just for basic props; each quest will have its own unique puzzles, keys, etc., too. so anything to reduce duplicated storage, would be great.

I've considered using Scriptable Objects for each item to store this info, but that would mean a unique game object or script thing for each of 400 objects, which is way clunkier than having them all in one place. Not to mention that if I later update the Script for the Scriptable Object, I could lose A LOT of data if I do it wrong.

The big problem is, to quickly find Hash Table entries, they must be alphabetical because there is no search function in the hash table proxy thing. And making them alphabetical is a pain because you cannot "insert" new keys at various points, so new items must just be tacked onto the end. If there was a way to solve these problems, possibly by adding a search function to hash table proxies, this all might be less problematic.

Feature Requests / A list of expensive action v cheap ones?
« on: November 22, 2019, 07:28:35 AM »
An excel spreadsheet listing all actions along with their millisecond count, would be super handy for devs to decide which approach to script things with.

For example: when the player acquires a new item, I have a 26 hash tables named after each letter, where I store prefabs of each item. Should I have a parent AllPrefabs game object where I say, "find child named b" then get the entry from the b hash table, or should I have a SEPARATE hash table with 26 entries, where I just "hash table get" the one with a key of b?

In other words, which is more expensive: find child, has child, or hash table get?

A way for devs to rank the actions by expense would be very handy for optimizing the script profiler.

oh, great! These are great, but I haven't quite solved my issue. I need to copy the Y and X axes of the free look cameras, before transitioning to others. I actually solved it MOSTLY by using the "inherit position" tick box I never saw before, but the problem remains when transferring away from the 1st person camera (virtual camera) to the 3rd person cameras (free look cameras). when I transition from 1st to 3rd, it seems it TRIES to inherit the position but can't find the Y and X axis settings from the 1st person virtual camera, so it defaults to Y=1 and X=90

I need to somehow get the 1st person Virtual Camera's Aim > POV > Vertical Axis > Value and Horizontal Axis > Value float settings, convert those to correct Y and Z rotation settings, and paste those into the "inherited position" of the 3rd person camera in its Y axis and X axis. I've attached a picture of what I need to do.

I need to be able to get and set these float properties but cannot figure out how. I can do float remap and convert/normalize them, if I can just figure out how to retrieve and set them.

cool. I'd love to check this out, but where is the proxy located? I mean, where do I download these updated files from? These updated files are not present in my project already.

Action Requests / Get a float's decimal float
« on: September 28, 2019, 05:05:00 PM »
I want to turn 9.43 into 0.43. I want to turn 5.92 to 0.92. I tried "split float to ints", but I need a "split float to floats" to retain the decimal. or "remove whole numbers from a float."

also a "float round DOWN or UP" would solve this problem, too, as I could round it down, then save that and subtract that from the complete float number.

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