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PlayMaker Help / Re: UI Drag Event Error
« Last post by Alex Chouls on Today at 07:33:11 PM »
I couldn't repro the error. I've attached my setup. Is that what you have?

The pasted error actually doesn't show any PlayMaker scripts in the call stack, it looks like an EventSystem error generated by OnPointerDown. Are you sure this is the error you're getting when dragging over the button?
I'm trying to create a cloth change in photon but its not working properly, i have two layers, 1 is invisible for the camera and the 2 is visible, when the player selects it get visible and vice-versa,for the local player it works but others players can't see, any help helps.
PlayMaker Help / Trigger Event Exit not working after object disabled
« Last post by Evaldas on Today at 05:57:41 PM »
Hello! I'm having this interesting situation - Trigger event on regular enter and exit is working just fine, but if Game Object get's deactivated while in the trigger, the trigger exit event doesn't get called.

Maybe somebody knows how to approach this? :)
PlayMaker Help / Re: Error CS0619 : Network view is obsolete
« Last post by Alex Chouls on Today at 04:55:44 PM »
You need to remove the PLAYMAKER_LEGACY_NETWORK symbol.

To do this, go to: Project Settings > Player
Scroll down to Scripting Define Symbols.
This is a list of symbols separated by a ";"
If it's in the middle of the list you may also need to delete an extra ";"
Press enter and the project should recompile, fixing the errors.
PlayMaker Help / How does Smooth Look At Direction works?
« Last post by SawyerK on Today at 01:13:14 PM »
I have two Empty gameobject under one rigidbody gameobject. The one empty gameobject (sitpos) always needs to look at the direction of the other empty gameobejct (sitposLookTo) but i cant seem to make it work. I get the sitposLookTo gameobject's position with Get Position and store the Vector3. Then in the sitpos gameobject i Get Fsm Vector3 store the value and send it to the Smooth Look At Direction : Target Direction, keep vertical, speed 15, late update.

But it doesn't look towards the sitposLookTo gameobject's direction.

Pls help! :D
PlayMaker Help / Re: Can playmaker make peer 2 peer games?
« Last post by djaydino on Today at 12:59:17 PM »
You probably will need the Photon (2) asset which has Playmaker support.
General Discussion / Re: Fav videogame music?
« Last post by GamerKing3000 on Today at 11:21:55 AM »
Hello together,

I think that games without music aren't playable. This means also for games which have awful background music. I have two games with the best music in my opinion. The first game is Super Mario Odyssey, because the music is like jazz and groove. Also composers Naoto Kubo, Shiho Fujii and Koji Kondo are legends in my eyes. The second game is Persona 5 with the composer Shoji Meguro. In this game the music always fits to the scenes. Also the style of j-pop and electric fit perfect together.

What are your games with the best music? I like to hear your opinion.

See ya ;)
Work In Progress... / Re: Thrash Racer - Banger racing / life sim
« Last post by Artoo on Today at 10:50:14 AM »
probably best to try how much you can do with textures and bump map
yea I figured, might need to resort to that.

This looks awesome, the physics are super well done.
How are you making the tire marks on the ground? Is this all with Playmaker or are you using some assets to help you?
The skidmark system came with the UnityCar package that I´m using as a base for the driving physics, I need to make a custom skidmark system tho, since it is very costly on resources.
It had skidsmoke before as well, but that didn´t work with newer Unity versions so I disabled it, need to create my own system for that too.
General Discussion / Re: Looping background
« Last post by djaydino on Today at 10:21:02 AM »
Translate is doing the movement.

The 'move Speed' is a variable where you can set a value , the higher the value, the faster it will move.
and when negative it moves to the left and positive will move to the right.

'Get position' is getting the current world position and stores it in the 'Current pos' variable.

and the 'Reset Pos' you have to manually set as shown on the video.

You can find a sample scene of this on my Playmaker Samples 1.1 asset

But you should be able to create your own, when you set a value manually on 'move Speed' and 'Reset Pos' and on the 'Set Position action x value.
instead of variables you can also just set a number but its easier to adjust on a exposed variable.
Work In Progress... / Re: Our 1st game as a family
« Last post by djaydino on Today at 10:00:55 AM »
Hi, GamerKing3000

Acutally Darklight is not made with my family.

But with a small group of 3 (not family)

The game is already in early access on steam

With my family we are working on a project, but we can't show much yet on it.
But i will post here once we have something to show.

As we are all working full time on other things, this project might take some time to release :)
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