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PlayMaker Bug Reporting / Re: Animator Match Target not working
« Last post by Silicon Power on May 06, 2021, 08:21:41 AM »

 ok, the case has been raised internally, hopefully, it will make it in the next update.



Which version of PlayMaker it was fixed? Because it doesn't work for me here.
Thanks! I always forget about the need to do it.

I am facing a problem with LookAtConstraint property which is applied to a gamebject. I can access all the properties in Playmaker, by dragging this component in a FSM or using Send Message. I can access properties like SetActive, weight etc. by I cannot access at runtime the source object or its weight, it is not exposed in Playmaker.

What I want is to be able at runtime to change the source object that is attached to this constraint. I don t know if this is the reason, but I see that in the Unity documentation LookAtConstraint is part of the Animation class, I can change the source object and its weight from the animation window with an Animator, but this is not the solution for me. If I use 20 source object, I will need to go through 20 animation states. I need to change the source object by using a gameobject variable.

Is there a method to access that property at runtime with Playmaker? I see that in ScriptControl there are other methods, like InvokeMethod, Call Static Method, but I don t know how to use all of them.

Thank you.
PlayMaker Help / Re: Car game turning without physics
« Last post by bummer6 on May 05, 2021, 12:24:31 PM »
Maybe some parenting?

have a empty object and set the car as a child
then use the parent for raytrace rotaion
and child can rotate inside it

Yup, that worked! Thanks a lot for the idea. :)
PlayMaker Tips & Tricks / Step Offset
« Last post by MichaelMik9 on May 05, 2021, 11:25:47 AM »
Can i sett up Step offset (like a character controller - step offset) in playmaker with RigidBody component? Test scene is in 3D with movement X, Y (like 2D Platform game).

Thanks a lot
General Discussion / Seeing where global events and variables are used
« Last post by ViRiX Dreamcore on May 05, 2021, 12:17:11 AM »

I am using some global events, but I think I accidentally used some in places I didn't want to. So I'm wondering if there is a place where I can see a list of where they are all used?

For example, if I use a global event named RESET 30 times, can I see the FSM and states that they are specifically used in?

PlayMaker Help / [SOLVED] Help with Controller Simple Move error
« Last post by Adam Z on May 04, 2021, 11:25:11 AM »
Hey, so I'm using the New Input System Actions that Digitom created. I'm able to get the X and Y inputs from WASD and the joystick on my XR controller. The problem I have is that the 'Controller Simple Move' is using the old input system. So I thought I could export the X and Y from the keyboard/controller, store them in seperate floats, then pass them back into the 'Get Axis Vector'. When I do that I get the attached error. Any thoughts on how to get this working? Thanks!
PlayMaker Help / Re: Car game turning without physics
« Last post by djaydino on May 04, 2021, 10:34:42 AM »
Maybe some parenting?

have a empty object and set the car as a child
then use the parent for raytrace rotaion
and child can rotate inside it
Share New Actions / Re: Input System Actions (Git Install)
« Last post by Digitom on May 04, 2021, 10:02:55 AM »
I see. I added Vector3 and Quaternion to the new update. Hope it works!

You're fast! Well it's not pulling in the Vector3's. Do you think a Late Update would help? I know the controllers position and rotation is working since I have the XR Controller script active. If you look at the right part of the screenshot you'll see that the Input Actions are correct (XR Controller).

Yeah not sure what is going on there. If there are any errors that pop up in the console let me know. I am simply Reading Vector3 output from the action...if the input is vector3 it should be spitting out that value.
Does this mean that an action's appearance is causing the error? I see GUI stuff being called and a problem on creation which seems to be when you add the action in a state. Maybe the Graph View is trying to display something it cannot.
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