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New Era: Mechanized Comabt, WIP Indie Title
« on: April 07, 2015, 12:03:46 AM »
Hey guys, finally I think it’s time to show some work in progress of my project called “New Era: Mechanized Combat” (NE:MC/ New Era). I been working on the project for a year now. Most of the time been learning Playmaker, and I’m glad to say that the project is 99% made using Playmaker. I am only using one script that is custom made in C#.

New Era is a mech combat game putting it short. you pilot a number of mechs to complete your missions throughout a single player campaign. The game will have a story behind it which is still being worked on. Right now I am working on making all the mechanics for the game before I get start with levels and objectives.

I do have plans for the future for this game if gets popular enough to justify a next game. Right now with my skill level, and the amount of time I have (my wife and I are expecting a baby); the game WILL be limited in what features it will have, but I will do my best in adding as much features as I can to the game. Over all I am looking to release this game on PC ( Windows) Stand alone, and if possible Mac OS, and Linux

Well Here 2 screenshots of the game’s Mech Hanger/ Loadout Screen. Right now I am using Unity 5. The new UI tools are very useful, and really easy to use. I will take more screenshots of the game and upload them soon, and make a video.

Besides screenshots, and videos I did make a very early build of the game as a small sneak peek of the project early stages. As stated before I am looking to make this game on Windows stand alone, so a web player is not possible because I am not developing for a web platform, so you will need to download the game and run it. 16:9 is the recommended aspect ratio in full screen.

Hope you everyone enjoys. Let me know what you think.

Fox Delta Games.


Game build download link

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Re: New Era: Mechanized Comabt, WIP Indie Title
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2015, 10:51:46 AM »
Very Cool! great work!
Congratulations on the baby!
Hope this venture turns out well for you!

About the game:


I would like to recommend some advise about single player games regarding story line. In my experience, very few indie games make it far without a great story. Graphics, game mechanics, and play-ability are all important to making a game successful, but none as important as the story!

Your story does not necessarily need to be super complex, but enough to entertain and immerse an adult. By the looks of this your target age group is 12-25yrs, so keep it PG-13 rated. Nothing explicit or containing adult-only content. Knowing you are soon to be a father, use your instinct when evaluating the story content and whether you would want your child exposed to it at the target age.

Find what motivates you! this is extremely important when working on a project and seeing it through. Most indie projects fail when they lack motivation.

About Professionalism:
I think that a good website will do you well. Google some tutorials if needed. I use because of their HTML5 setup. Drag and drop components make it super simple! They have free hosting for as long as you need it, with limitations of course.

About going big:
Be realistic, this is not going to be the next COD/Battle Field any time soon, but look at where they started. (I can tell you it was less than what you have.) you are in the wrong business if you think you will be a millionaire off of video games, however, if you put enough hard work and dedication into the game and make something worth people's money/time it will be rewarding to say the least.

Graphics and artwork:
Looking great! could be better with a little work. Try doubling the poly count, smooth your edges, and use a PBR shader with Unity5! May I recommend Substance Live ($20/month until payed off):
(I'm using this myself, I'm not that good of an artist.)

Level Design:
I recommend using pro-core while constructing. The basic is free: see here!!/content/15447   -Full Ver.!/content/11919   -Free Ver.

I would also recommend publishing a DEMO of your game to a webpage in the future. (Doesn't have to be too fancy, but it should incorporate at least one level of your game to get people hooked.) There are a few tutorials in the unity forums on how to do this as well.

Need help or have questions, just ask! This is a very friendly community!
Hope this works out for you!
Warm Regards,

Marshall Belles


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Re: New Era: Mechanized Comabt, WIP Indie Title
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2015, 11:23:56 AM »
Thanks for the tips. I the game is targeted towards the younger folks, and not planing on making it a rated M game, that's for sure.

I do have a web site but as this point I don't believe the project is good enough to post things on to the web site till something more solid is made.

As for the "story" it won't be Metal Gear quality type of story. It will feature something to process the campiagn and give a reason why you are attacking the other side.

One idea I have is a second ice age took place and the northern part if earth is now frozen with the human population dropped because of it, and now with what's left people fight over warmer land, and for their own greed.

I do hope to male this game the best I can. Like you said, I'm not looking to make the next BF4 or even Mech Warrior Online quality game. I am looking to make a game decent enough so people can enjoy.

I will keep this post up to date with more progress.

As for a web play I don't k ow how that will work if my assets are being made for a entery level to high end PC in mind. The build itself is about 197MB big if I can remeber, but I'll look into how to deploy a web player. Maybe I can cut out the menu and load out screen and just have the demo level load and a quick screen to pick your mech.
Well again thanks man. Hope you and everyone else will like the progress I'll make for the project.