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Simple Hashing (MD5 or SH1)
« on: June 02, 2015, 09:03:08 PM »
MD5 or SH1 a string with optional (but highly recommended!!) password.

get it from Ecosystem or copy/paste from

How could would I use it?
Use it to compare it to a new hash. If they do not match then you know that the data has been tampered.
-- example:
Hash your string (normal string or your encrypted string)
Save it in playerprefs or whatever other tool you are using as a new key + original string.
Get data from playerprefs - original data saved(the original string) + hash data.
Hash the original data and compare the hash result with your saved hash. If they match all is well if not then you have an 'error'.

This actions allows you full control. If you need pre-made actions then Playerprefs with hash actions are available in this forum for int / float / string.  :)

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