Author Topic: [Scripting]The "HasFloatSlider" attribute populates incorrect value on reset.  (Read 844 times)


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I'm working on a new action that needs a float slider to control the weighting of random selection (similar to the "play random sound" action.)

But I kinda want it to have the default value in each slider that's populated (this is being done with an array/collection similar to "int switch" and "play random sound") to be between 1 and 10. Sure, the user can put in whatever value they want in the number field but I'd like to make the default be 1 where it's automatically populating 0.

Is there something I'm not doing properly?

NOTE: I've got in the reset option to have it reset down to "1" but this occurs when the number of items that it's to test is increased. New values will be a "0". I know this is a bit nit-picky but the goal is to make it start at "1" for each value. If this isn't something that I can address then I can always make the default be between "0" and "1" if need be but it's just a little touch I think would be nice for the user.
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