Author Topic: Anyone wants to do paid tutorial series with me? (Multiplayer procedural FPS)  (Read 3383 times)


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hey all...

so im making playmaker tutorial series for

and it will be about procedurally generated First Person Shooter... maybe with multiplayer added in the end.

game will be similar to first Wolfenstein 3D, where you had all these rooms. those will be procedurally generated... im working on that feature right now.

and i figured i could use some help, and i much rather work in team, than alone. plus there is nice money to be made i believe... and it is healthy for community.

tutorial series will be quite big... basically everything that FPS has.
  • enemy AI
  • shooting & health mechanics
  • procedural generation
  • maybe multiplayer
  • other stuff: such as, statistics, sounds, GUI

i want this to be go-to tutorial when making FPS with playmaker.

this is what i have right now:

it creates rooms, but i need to add quite a bit of features to it.

do you guys like the idea?


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room generation sounds interesting
Still learning ^^