Author Topic: [Scripting] Fact-finding for deeper particle control action set.  (Read 931 times)


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So, here's the deal... I'm trying to take on this next side-quest of learning how to control the particles in the shuriken particle system a little more "hands-on" ish...

I've been looking at the scripting reference on Unity's manual site and it seems that some of these functions work with arrays.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like ArrayMaker... But what I'm looking to understand is can I do arrays if all the work that's being done with the arrays are internal to the action? Essentially, I wouldn't (at this point) need to pass array data from one action to another, I'd just want to work on it all in the action script. (This is for now... If it comes to a point where I'd need to pass that data from one action to another I suspect I'd have to find a way to interface with ArrayMaker.)

So, the example I'm testing this on (to stretch my proverbial "legs" as it were) is to simply grab a particle from a system and set it's position manually. The first step that seems to be it would be using the "getParticles" functionality which returns an array. From there it'd just be a "set this particle's position to [x,y,z]"

I think that'd be a decent test to see what sort of headspace I'd need for this... But is this something you could see some potential issues eventually cropping up with regards to the array that the "getParticles" will return?