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Use of Invoke Method
« on: October 28, 2015, 08:27:33 PM »

I'm using PlayMaker to implement simple FSM for my AI (I want it to be a quite robotic for player to decipher it).

I am currently using "Invoke Method" action to call actions from PlayMaker to the game logic (as Send Message is really slow), however my issue is that some actions are not called.

If I put Invoke in an instant FSM state (transition used: "FINISHED" so it goes to next state automatically), the Invoke is not called when going through (it's like if Invoke was called OnUpdate rather than on event).

How should I do to perform this kind of actions ? (execute once then go to the next state)

Attaching a snapshot of my diagram (actions not called are in "Punch Once" state)

note: I use 2 values to control the invokes parameters (set right before invoking), and the state after "punch once" has its own similar sequence. My guess is that the invoke of "punch once" is cancelled by the actions in "runaway" state because acting on the same variables...
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