Author Topic: ArrayMaker: Resetting Prefill Data Value in HashTable Clears Existing Entries  (Read 1053 times)

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Hi -

Not sure if this is a defect or a feature request, but I had a hashtable with ten entries. In a debugging exercise, I decided to add an additional entry, so changed the prefill value from 10 to 11, afterwhich all but the first entries were wiped clean.

Luckily, I had just saved the scene, so real damage done, but seems like that shouldn't happen.




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 yeah, this is a know bug. Basically if the prefill amount goes to 0 even as you type it will simply remove all.. so during editing of the number of item, make sure you don't use backslah to remove the integer, but instead type it from a fully selected field and paste it somehow.

 I need to fix this... I have added it to the todos: