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Set Property on FSM in another Scene...
« on: December 02, 2015, 03:49:10 PM »

I've built a virtual Presentation in Unity with Playmaker.

There is a Level with Gui and Background and all kinds of Buttons with managing GOs. Now the 3D content is loaded with the "Load Level" Action into that Scene via Button (Pointer down).

First Question:

Is it possible to load all the Levels on the first launch of the program so they are cached so no loading time is required if switching the Levels? (loading asynch feature doesnt work well.)

Each of the loaded levels has separate Game objects which shall be set to active by pressing a Button.

Second Question:

How to adress the GOs (for instance set active) on the loaded Level? There are FSMs attched to the GOs with Global Events but I cannot reach them via GUI Event Systems as it seems.

Or shall I just load all Content in one Level at the beginning?

Answers apriciated :)