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General Question for selection Menu...
« on: December 07, 2015, 01:16:26 AM »

I need your experience.
For instance: if I'd have a scene with 3 Cars rotating in the middle in the POV.
Lets say I have 3 Buttons for the different models to toggle activate.
Everytime one activates a Car, there should be more buttons and text with options like changing color or open doors.

Now my Question:

Whats the best solution to make a Scene with several Objects and change the content on Button Press with more subselections?

I thought of creating one Global Int for every State and depending on the int, it will switch to another state. When the state is changed all the other events will be sent with global transitions (new text, other material Color, new buttons)
So "on Pointer down" at the Button event system, send an Event string to GO_controller which changes the Int.

What would you do and why?
Do you think theres a better solution?

Thanks :)