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Tiny Counters
« on: September 04, 2019, 12:40:24 PM »

I made some more actions: Tiny Counter can count up or down with separate fields for each. This is a bit redundant, but clean and simple. Which one is used (counting up or down) can be changed at runtime with a bool variable.

You can of course set how fast it counts in Seconds Per Tick. That means, how much time passes until it counts one up or down. It can also count in Real Time, which should only be used to make the counter independent of game time (e.g. pause menu). I also added an option to confine the range to natural numbers only (i.e. positive integers, 1,2,3...).

You can combine this then with other actions, like Int Compare to fire off events when it counted up or down. Make sure you then also reset the counter.


TinyFloatCounter is a slightly different sibling action, with float and a few different options.

Seconds Per Tick: how much time passes until it adds/substracts.
Amount: the amount added or substracted (negative numbers substract) per tick.
Real Time: ignores scalable game time (use this in pause menus etc).
Store Counter: the result is returned as a float variable.
Count Min & Max: restricts the range of the counter.

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